Welcome to this page called SUNSHINE YOGA! My name is Vladimir. I do Yoga in Australia where the sunshine is in abundance...

In the magic moments of yoga and meditation, the warmth and light of sunshine gives birth to amazing insights. I wrote them down - here they are:

       1 Think about Sun!
       2 Greediness that kills
       3 The Power of Meditation
       4 We All Are immortal!
       5 Confluence, Not Only Friendship!
       6 Six Wonderful Spiritual Attractors
       7 Food Full of Sun
       8 Bliss is Your Inner Nature!
       9 Free from Burden of Attachments
       10 You Have a Light to Give
       11 Hymn of Love
       12 The Way to Harmony
       13 I'll Be With You, I Promise

DIALOGUE 1 Think about Sun!

I asked Sun

"Why do we suffer? Why can't we always be happy, always with smiles on our faces, always with joy in our hearts, with warmth and love to each other?"

Sun looked at me friendly, kissed my face with his golden rays, and told me:

"One of the reason you suffer is because you have forgotten me. You suffer because instead of being grateful to me, you are often angry with me - you blame me that I am too hot or too bright, that I am burning your faces and bodies, that I'm causing horrible diseases in you... You have forgotten that your existence on this planet is because of me.

Yes, there are moments when some of you physically enjoy my warmth and light. I know that children like me... But now I am not talking about that physical enjoyment. Moreover, this kind of enjoyment is not safe any more. Your crazy drive for technological advancement has created fatal damages in the life of your planet - some of my rays can't meet those vital filters in the atmosphere that have been created to protect you. You have destroyed them. And started to blame my radiation instead of blaming your addiction to the drugs of life-killing technologies.

My dear people of Earth, your brain is full of many thoughts you wrongly consider significant: how to get more possessions, how to earn more money, how to better satisfy your never-ceasing desires for pleasure. Some of you permanently dream about fame and glory, others - for power and richness, for physical strength and beauty to attract partners, for education in science and technology to get prosperous jobs...

You have no time to think about me. You say: "To think about sun? What for?"

That is why so dear to me are those who find quiet moments for contemplation about me, those who find quiet moments to relax sitting or laying under the cool shadow of a tree, gently turning faces towards me. Often they do this early in the morning when I am rising up or late in the day when I am setting down. They close their eyes and I give them my kind caress and tender kiss. Plus a vital energy. Yes, I energise their bodies and minds and wake up in their hearts wonderful feelings of Unity and Love. Through me they easily become connected with Life of the Whole Universe. And believe me, this connection has a magic power - it inevitably brings forth thoughts of Wisdom, thoughts of Compassion, thoughts of Immortality..."

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DIALOGUE 2 Greediness that kills

"I love you, Sun. I love your golden light glistening at the surface of the ocean..."

Often I climb a huge rock overlooking the ocean, sit peacefully on the edge of the rock with my eyes closed, enchanted by the stormy song of waves. Then the voice of Sun comes gently to me, together with His tender touch of rays sweetly embracing my face and body:

"Once upon a time, in Ancient Egypt, people were crazy on me, my son. They worshiped me in passion and ecstasy, as for them I was their omnipotent god Ra. So incredibly great and sincere were their Love and Devotion to me, that I decided to reveal to their spiritually most advanced people how to transform my energy into a thought-power able to create miracles...

I insisted those miracles to serve all - not only the priests and Pharaohs but all the people of Egypt. "Build a realm of harmony, wisdom and happiness for all! Use my light and warmth to create gardens abundant of fruits and flowers along the blue waters of Nile and the sea!" - I was telling them. Initially they followed my advice. But not for a long time. Gradually a limitless greediness pervaded the minds of priests, pharaohs and their suite. You know very well that greediness always brings misery for many (who work hard) and abundance for few (who live in leisure). And gradually kills societies and civilisations...

Now I am very cautious before making a decision with whom to share the secrets of my life-creating power. It is not enough to proclaim in words that you are on the Way of Light and Wisdom, you must prove this in every single thought, in every single action, in every single movement of your soul..."

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DIALOGUE 3 The Power of Meditation

"Believe me, Sun, I want very much, with all my heart and soul, to stay and walk always on the Way of Light and Wisdom, and yet it happens so often when I fall out of It. A harsh word said to somebody, a stupid act of behaviour, a drive towards an ego-centred achievement, a thirst for recognition and respect by others, a strive for possession - and I am miles away from your Light and Wisdom... I know you will repeat to me to that I must be aware of each act, of each word of mine, of each feeling... But such a permanent awareness is so difficult to have. Why?"

It was no Sun at the sky. All the day was raining. I was listening to the song of rain drops and this song gradually brought to me the words of Sun:

"I know that it is difficult for humans to be aware of their feelings, words and acts in every moment. I know, my son. That is why I want you to keep touch WITH ME. When you are alone, open the palms of your hands towards sky or towards me, if you see me there, and take my warmth and light in. Early in the morning, when I am not so hot, take your shirt off and let my rays kiss the area of your chest where the solar plexus is. You will feel peace coming to your mind and heart. Keep this peace inside you and stay relaxed. The awareness comes easily when your mind and heart are calm. You start to distinguish every single thought and feeling. Then you stop to act stupidly, stop to hurt anybody, stop to strive for possession, recognition and respect from others. You don't need all this. YOU HAVE ME AS YOUR FRIEND, as your supporter, as your adviser, as your protector...

Remember that I am always with you. Just think about me before doing something or responding to somebody and, even if you are unable to see me, you'll feel my presence. I'm sure you will! And I'll help you to be aware of what you feel and think, of what you are going to say, and of what you are deciding to do."

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DIALOGUE 4 We All Are Immortal!

"Tell me about immortality, Sun. What is immortality? Does it exist? Science denies immortality. People say that even you - the most powerful source of energy, will die one day - you'll simply stop to radiate warmth and light..."

Sun looked at me behind the clouds and asked the wind to pass to me his whisper:

"Immortality! What a beautiful word! The humans must love this word. It is so inspiring, so elevating...

Of course, I'll stop to shine one day, my son. And your planet will become like a moon - no plants, no animals, no humans - only rocks and craters and dust...

But don't be sad. Remember, we all are immortal!. There is no end of the energy supporting life in the universe. It is self-creating, slf-organizing, self-supporting energy. An end has never been and will never be. There are many forms through which energy expresses itself. Physical form is only one of them. There are many dimensions of existence. And humans exist in all those dimensions in parallel. Could you imagine this? And in every dimension there is a projection of a SUN like me - as a centre, as a focal point, as a life-generating force.

When you stop to be in the dimensions of time and space, where you are now, you continue to be in other dimensions. It is so simple! In quantum physics they started to reveal already some of the secrets of multi-dimensionality. The logic of human brain resists to grasp these ideas. But when the logic rests, heart easily feels other worlds than ours. And when you sleep, you can often see yourself in other dimensions. Tell me your dream last night. Do you remember it? Do you remember when you woke up in the night, how quick was your heart, how sweat was your body, how frequent was your breath! You were running or fighting in another space, in another dimension, my son, do you remember? And your physical body reacted in the same way as it reacts when you are running or fighting during the day.

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DIALOGUE 5 Confluence, Not Only Frendship!

"I'm thinking about the friendship, Sun. Is it possible to keep it alive all the life through? The start of each friendship is always promising - at the beginning there are so many things to share, so many interesting topics for discussion, so many nice things to do together. But sooner or later come the monotony of every-day events and the repetition of the same talks, the same debates...Then comes intolerance, and harsh words, and search for new friendship. And after a new friendship starts, the same story repeats again..."

The words of Sun came together with the joyful morning singing of birds.

"I am afraid that the Gospel of Friendship is not valid any more, my son. You live in time of almost unbearable competition - competition for better job, for higher income, for name and fame... Competition inevitably brings stress and conflict, intolerance and hatred, addiction to alcohol and drugs, infarcts and nervous breakdowns. It is hard for families to survive under these conditions. It is also hard for friendship to survive. What I have in mind is a true unconditional friendship. What you see to-day is 'friendship' based on "Now I'm doing a favour to you, but remember, next time will be your turn to do me a favour". This quid pro quo 'friendship' keeps together the crminals in their Mafia-type organizations.

People talk much about necessity of tolerance and dialogue, about friendship and love, about caring and sharing, but when the beautiful talks stop, one can hear only sighs and cries and screams of many who suffer from misunderstanding, loneliness, crime and despair.

Is it possible for you to say to somebody who is dear to you instead of "You are my friend", "You are MYSELF, you and I are the SAME, you and I are INSEPARABLE!". It is difficult, isn't it? This is the Gospel that people need to understand to-day. This is the Gospel that can save your world from destruction and death, do you understand? When you and she, when you and he, when you and they, when all of you and me - your Sun, when WE together with the whole universe became what WE REALLY ARE - ONE AND THE SAME LIVING SUBSTANCE AND SPIRIT, then Love will never end, never! Believe me!"

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DIALOGUE 6 Six Wonderful Spiritual Attractors

"I wonder, Sun: such a huge number of people live on our planet and so increibly small is the number of attractors of human actions! We all are attracted to have and experience either Power or Pleasure or Love or Freedom or Knowledge or Longevity. And these are all the attractors of our never ceasing activity - only six! Even if our desires drive us towards more than one attractor, say both Power and Longevity, or both Pleasure and Love, or Freedom, Knowledge and Love, etc., even then the number of all possible combinations of attractors does not exceed 64. This is a tiny little number compared with the monstrous number of people's polulation, isn't it?

Of course, Power is manifested through many forms: physical force, money, possessions, social position, fame, - whatever the form, it always demonstrates Power. Pleasure also has many faces, but they all serve one and the same goal - to make us feel happy! I agree, Love is much richer than an ordinary pleasure - sometimes it makes us happy and sometimes it makes us cry, sometimes make us feel young and strong and sometimes - fragile and helpless. And it is clear that we all need Freedom and most of us strive for Knowledge and dream for never ending Life. What can you say about this, my gorgeous Friend, Brother and Parent"

So stormy was the ocean and so grey and impenetrable was the sky, that I had to become all ears in order not to miss the words of SUN:

"Your know what highest spiritual Self means, don't you? It is what every human being IS in his or her potentiality. It is what every human being strives to become in the process of his or her unique spiritual evolution. The highest spiritual Selves are inseparably connected into an unbrokable UNITY - they all are at-one, and that is why you strive for Love (Togetherness and Confluence) when in your physical bodies on the Earth. Your highest spiritual Selves experience a permanent BLISS, and that is why you strive for Pleasures (Happiness) in your human bodies. Your highest spiritual Selves are all IMMORTAL, they never die or decay, and that is why people want to live long. Your highest spiritual Selves are OMNIPOTENT - they can create every miracle you can see in your imagination, and that is why all of you desparately strive for Power in your earthy forms. And, of course, your highest Selves are OMNISCIENT and enjoy ABSOLUTE FREEDOM - that is why you are driven to Knowledge and Freedom. Do you follow me, my son?

Unfortunately, most of you don't know where to seek for the pathways leading towards the Light of the spiritual attractors. Most of you look for them in an entirely wrong place, in an entirely wrong manner. And because of this, you experence failure after failure, disappointment after disappointment, pain after pain... And yet, every failure opens your eyes a little bit more, every disappointment makes your will stronger, every pain serves as a lesson how to liberate your souls from that tangled web of desires leading towards the wrong attractors of material existence. Once liberated, you will easily learn how to discover and keep walking on your own paths to the true attractors of your spiritual essence. I'll pour all my generous Light on your unique ways to help you navigate safely and joyfully, I promise!"

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DIALOGUE 7 Food Full of Sun

This morning I was still in bed, when a sparkling ray of SUN fell on my face and passed to me this message:

"I know that you like to have a piece of fruit every morning, don't you? Do you know that when you eat the fruit, you drink in my radiation, my vibes, my energy? They are inside the fruit - it has absorbed them when slowly growing under my light and warmth day after day, week after week, month after month...And when the juice and tasty flesh of the fruit fills up your mouth, they immediately release my energy to charge your own energy sources: the bio-electrical 'battery' of your heart, the currents of your nerves, the rhythm of your brain waves. So I'm gradually 'dissolving' in you body, my dear man, keeping you alive, fit and healthy.

And this happens not only with fruits, but also with vegies and nuts and cereals, that you have at your table, and with the crystal clear water of the mountain springs that you, unfortunately, don't have any more at your table, and even with the milk and honey that you like so much. Through the green of grass and the colours and aroma of flowers, the caws and bees transform the gold of my rays into milk and honey. The wheat partly passes my energy in flour, then in bread - but just a little bit. The more processed and saturated with chemicals and additives the food, the less of my life-sustaining energy comes to you, you know this, don't you?

Have you heard the stories about those famous yogis in Himalayas who knew how to live directly on my energy? Could you believe? Even I who sees so many miracles in universe, consider this as an incredible achievement! In moments of deep spiritual mediation the yogis use the light of my radiation to synthesise food in their bodies. In a similar way as plants do in the process of photosynthesis! Must be a lot of physical and astral (mental and spiritual) practice in order to develop this. Who knows, maybe one day the scientists on Earth will reveal the secret of such a miraculous transformation...

Until then, enjoy my energy contained in the food that you, people of Earth, call natural. And feel my Light with every breath of you!"

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DIALOGUE 8 Bliss is Your Inner State!

"Once I red in a book that no form of life is allowed to suffer through the actions of another. I can't understand this, SUN. Am I not allowed to suffer when somebody has caused a pain to me - either physically or with a cruel or offensive word?"

I waited quite a long for an answer. Maybe Sun was involved in dialogue with somebody else. Of course, I am not the only person who likes to contemplate under the rays of Sun...

"I don't want to see people suffering. And I like the idea that nobody is allowed to suffer through the actions of another.

The legal system in your society punishes those who cause physical pain to others, but is helpless towards people who cause emotional and mental agony in the life of others. And this happens much more often to-day, doesn't it? So, please listen to my advice: if somebody tries to hurt you, think about me! Or about the blueness and infinity of sky, or about the mountains you like to climb, or about the roses you like to smell, or about the seas and rivers you like to swim in... There are so many beautiful things to think about! Please, don't yield to those who want to make you suffer. They want to see your anger, your tears, your trembling figure, your spasm, your pain, your fear... Why should you show all these weaknesses to them? Please, don't do this, my son - you are not allowed to do this. It doesn't help at all! On the contrary, it takes plenty of vital energy from you, kills a lot of your living cells, inject poison in your blood, makes you sick, shortens your life...You don't deserve all this, do you?

Breathe deeply when the harsh words reach your ears. And try to smile inside. Remember, BLISS IS YOUR BASIC INNER STATE!. You were born to find this state and to enjoy it. It is impossible to stop people who have decided to hurt you. But it is possible for you not to accept this decision. Reject it! With calmness and dignity. With strength and serenity of mind. I am with you! Feel my warmth and light again and again. Bathe in the fountain of love of so many people to whom you are dear, who care for you and who want to see you happy. Then you'll understand immediately how wonderful is that no one is allowed to suffer from the action of another. No one!"

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DIALOGUE 9 Free from Burden of Attachmemts

"We read in the books of wisdom that the very nature of enjoyment is such that it tends to progressively increase in force each time the senses are indulged in; the habit easily gets people in its grip and drags them down. So called 'moderate enjoyment of life' is only a theory that is almost impossible to put into actual practice. What do you think, my luminous Brother?"

This time the answer of Sun came almost immediately:

"You know that your mind, intellect and reason fail when you are under the power of an intoxicant, don't you? Unfortunately, most of you - inhabitants of Earth, are permanently under the power of a very strong intoxicant. You know its name - attachment to the objects of desires. The objects of your desires never cease to emerge, and they keep your senses and mind in captivity. When senses and mind are in captivity, they stop to function properly. The eyes stop to see clearly, the ears stop to distinguish sounds, the sense of smell, and taste and touch lose their sharpness. The brain loses both its logical and intuitive abilities and stop to discriminate between true and false, between illusion and reality, between what is and what is not. The energy of your thoughts, of your feelings and of your body quite quickly dissipate in gaudy flashes of the momentary pleasures, mostly unintelligent, vulgar and animalistic...

There is a greater and much more blissful experience than those momentary pleasures. Of course, there is! And I am sure, you've had glimpses of this wonderful experience, when doing yoga or meditating together with me. You have already heard or read what is this that leads to that blissful experience - honest and passionate dedication to the goal of self-realization. To articulate this is not so difficult, but to grasp and practically realize is difficult, I agree. At the beginning, it needs a voluntary self-restraint from the burning objects of physical (material) attachment. It needs understanding the significance of this noble restraint, understanding that the senses are given for being utilised consciously and deliberately for the attainment of something altogether above and beyond the farthest reach of the senses. The aim is not the ultimate denial of the senses, but achievement, through the joy of the self-restraint and the power of your will, of a pleasure million fold greater than that achieved through mere satisfaction of desires...

I'll talk to you again - it's time for me to go.
I see the moon and stars - they're waiting to appear.
Good bye, my precious son, my sweet beloved and brother!"

"Good night, my loving SUN, and thank you for your Wisdom!"

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DIALOGUE 10 You Have a Light to Give!

"Sometimes negative thoughts come into my mind and I start to think extremely critically about others, and become angry with what they do and what they have done, and become nervous and upset and anxious... I know that every negative thought is an irreversible loss of precious vital energy. I know this very well, Sun! And I also know that critics never help, that negative thinking brings forth only suffering... I know this, and yet I cannot stop negative thoughts to arise again and again. Believe me, my shining Brother, I WANT TO LOVE EVERY HUMAN BEING, EVERY SINGLE CREATURE! I really want! I don't want to be angry with anybody in the Universe, I don't! I want to have my brain and heart full of ideas and feelings that are good, helpful and loving! Not to judge, not to blame, not to be angry or intolerant...Please, tell me, how to eradicate once for ever all those negative thoughts and feelings from myself, please tell me, SUN!"

"Be calm, my passionate brother, cool your burning mind! And listen carefully: YOU ARE AN ESPECIALLY DESIGNED CREATION, YOU HAVE A PARTICULAR MISSION, YOU HAVE A LIGHT TO GIVE, A WORK TO DO THAT NO OTHER CAN GIVE OR ACCOMPLISH! Do you understand this? You are responsible for what you do, for what you feel and think, and for what you say - YOU! You must know that as you act in a good way, as you radiate positive feelings and thoughts, as you say good words, YOU LIFT THE WHOLE WORLD WITH YOU, for as you tread the path of goodness it becomes plainer for your fellow-people. Do not betray them!

Weary of crawling in the dust of the earth, your sisters and brothers yearn to fly. Keep alive in them the urge to rise upon the present limitations! The only way to do this is with tolerance, tenderness, compassion and LOVE. I don't want to see your face angry or sad! I need your smiling eyes and cheerful voice. And not only I - all humanity, the entire universe is benefited and raised by every good, positive and constructive thought, feeling, spoken word and action sent out by YOU! Remember this! I shall watch you."

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DIALOGUE 11 Hymn of Love

"To-day was a beautiful day, Sun! I felt your energy flowing through my body, passing through the green softnenss of the young grass I was laying on. Then penetrating into the hardness of the old soil and mixing with the full of saps energy flow of the trees that were just awakening from their long winter sleep, and with the charming tender smile of the white spring flowers...We all were expressing gratitude to you, my shining Brother! We were drinking in the sparkling nectar of your gold rays, when suddenly a thunderbolt of Love shook all of us at the same moment. Ah, how blissful was this moment, Sun! We all, together with your glorious light, melted in a huge fulgent ball full of LOVE - all-embracing, all-pervading, all-inflaming Love! Did you create this miracle specially for us, my omnipotent Friend?"

The answer came to me when it was already dark outside, I was sitting in my room and writing some philosophy about complexity of life:

"Philosophy is good for thinking. For experiencing life every philosophy is needless. Thinking is not experiencing, you know this, don't you? Thinking is always about the past or the future. It is never about this very moment. This very moment is not a thought, this very moment is a direct experience. It is experience of the very existence. Nay, it IS existence! And the EXISTENCE IS LOVE.

Love is not thinking, not philosophising. Those who think too much about love or think that they love, cannot love at all. Of course, they can make sex, thinking that it is love. And mesmerizing themselves, and playing games, and telling lies to others...Most often sex is experience of pleasure, or expression of different motives, intentions and thoughts.

Love is not simply a pleasure. Love is not expression of intentions and thoughts. Love is not thinking. The thought stops when you experience love. The moment of love does not obey time - it is a timeless moment. The present suddenly becomes eternity. Maybe something like this what you have experienced to-day.

I was not creating any specific miracle. It could be Love that injected in you the feelings of wholeness - you told me you felt to-day that you and me, and the sky, and the trees, and the grass, and the flowers - all had become at-one: an all-pervading mystic luminosity of Love. Did you grasp that you were not different from the existence - that you were organically one with it. And if a flower was in blossom, it was not separated from you. You had blossomed in the flower, and the flower had become conscious in you. I and the sky and the stars - they were one with you at the moment of love.

The whole universe goes within you in such a moment, and the whole of you becomes the universe. Then YOU ARE THE EXISTENCE. There is no fear and there is no death for you. The fountain of love is sweetly and powerfully emitting from you. YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING EXCEPT LOVE."

The words of Sun sounded like a solemn music in my ears, like a religeous hymn, like that incredibly powerful finale of the Ode of Joy of Beethoven. And my heart immersed in Love again...

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DIALOGUE 12 Way to Harmony

"When I feel in union with you, my powerful Brother, I am the happiest creature in the world. Through you I feel connected directly with the Centre of Existence of Universal Life. This feeling makes me so happy that I want to stay permanently in this blissful state - I don't want to go back to what we call 'every day life'. Is it possible to pass these blissful feelings of harmony into my human days and nights full of so many repetitive and disharmonious actions - often empty of meaning, delusive or causing pain?"

"Are you tired to be a human, my son? Don't you enjoy your contacts with others, your talks, your thoughts, your teaching?"

"I enjoy to be with you, Sun, you know this very well. I enjoy watching my thoughts to arise and disappear when your golden rays reach me through the blossoming branches of the trees. I enjoy hearing birds praising you in their joyful morning songs. I enjoy listening to the ocean waves sparklingly laughing under your pouring light, I..."

"Listen to me, please! You need more lessons, you need to learn more from your life on the Earth. You still make a lot of mistakes - I am watching you. It is easy to be with me. The challenge is to live in peace and harmony with yourself and with your sisters and brothers, ancestors and descendants. Any time when you feel intolerant to others or to yourself, or dissatisfied with what they or you are doing, or unhappy with what you see and heard, or sad about something, or angry with somebody's words or actions - this means only one thing: you need more lesson to learn. I am sure that you will be positive - calm, lovable and blissful when with me. My warmth and light bring peace and harmony. But I want you to be positive in any situation of your human life. Not indifferent, but positive - able to transform the seeds of negativity into flowers of benevolence, good will, love and joy.

All this unhappiness, dissatisfaction, tension, inadequacy, frantic efforts to seek excitements of various kinds are symptoms of inner disharmony and distortion present in your mind. Listen to me carefully: THE SHORTEST WAY TO INNER HARMONY IS THE WAY OF UNITY AND LOVE. Why is it so difficult for people to understand this? Your earthy life is so short - your days are fleeting, don't they? And you continue to kill your unity and love with angry and reproaching eyes, words, thoughts and actions.

Please, sing with me:

"This world and I - we have come out
of Unity and Love.
This world and I exist because
of Unity and Love.
This world and I dissolve together
in Unity and Love

And when being not with me in your noisy 'every day life' situations, try not to forget that your real nature is harmony, not sorrow, worry, depression, cravings, pain..

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DIALOGUE 13 I'll Be With You, I Promise!

"It is wonderful to know that you always appear, my dearest Sun. When I am saying to you 'good buy' late in the day, I know I'll see you tomorrow again. And this makes me feel good. You'll never leave me - till my last day here on the Earth, you'll be with me! Friends and relatives will come and go, you'll stay close as a devoted lover - full of power, of generosity, of tenderness...
Will you be with me for ever? Or when the death closes my eyes, I'll never see you again? "

"You want me to be with you for ever, don't you?

"Yes, I WANT! And I'll do all what you ask me to do in order not to lose you, and to deserve your sympathy and love, your life sustaining breath, your glorious and all-pervading luminosity for ever..."

"You, humans, are gifted by a magic quality - when you passionately want something to happen, with all your mind and heart and soul - sincerely, openly, honestly - IT HAPPENS! I admire this quality of you. The power of your will is really inexhaustible. The universal forces, including me, we cannot help but support this adamantine will. Could you believe what a gigantic power you, people, possess!

When the ancient people of Egypt decided to build the pyramids, no force could stop them. When the ancient habitants of the Easter Island decided to move and lift all those incredibly huge and heavy stones for their unique sculptures, no physical law could impede their decision. You wonder how they did this. You say: "They had no access to our powerful technology - no transport machinery, no lasers, no nuclear power. How they did it?"

They did it exactly because they had no your technology, my son! They didn't depend much on something which is outside them, as you do most of the time. They depended on themselves - on the power of their inner nature, on the establishment of those subtle channels for contact and transmission of power directly from the energy treasures of the universe!

When you depend on something outside you, you inevitably lose your concentration. The lost of concentration makes your ability for creation to dissipate. When you depend very much on your car to move from place to place, your legs become week and start to suffer. When you stop exercising the power of your intellect and the power of your will, and start strongly to depend instead on the help of various kinds of sophisticated intelligent machines, computers and advisers, your creative ability to think and to use the power of YOUR OWN thoughts and emotions diminishes. You know that every dependence is a misery, and those who are strengthening their dependence are simply propelling their own misery...

When you depend on yourself in exploring and experiencing the self-energising power of your mind and soul, your will and emotions, your inspiration and intuition, then there is no end of your creative potential, my dearest citizens of the planet of Earth, no end at all! Then, if you want to have me as your everlasting companion and inspirer of your accomplishments and fulfilments, I'll be with you, I promise!"

Thus spoke to me Sun, when slowly disappearing behind the covered by blossoming eucalyptuses hills of the Blue Mountains, westwards from Sydney.

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My name is Vladimir Dimitrov. My parents wanted me to become a scientist. And I became a scientist. I am a cybernetician, that is, I do research, teach and write papers and books in the field of cybernetics - the science that bridges in a powerful unifying framework Mathematics and Life (both natural and artificial). At the moment I am with the Centre for Systemic Development at the University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury (Australia) and my research is in Social Complexity and Fuzzy Logic. I did my PhD degree in Engineering Cybernetics at the Institute of Cybernetics of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 1971. In 1981 I had my degree of Doctor of Sciences in Mathematics and Physics at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

If you are intersted to see and read my internet publications, you can find them if you click on my home page.

I am using this page to share with you, dear Reader, thoughts, ideas and experiences which, although not directly connected with cybernetics, are of vital importance for me as a human being. I call these thoughts, ideas and experiences Dialogues with Sun. I would like to thank to my Norwegian friends Anne Hoivik, Reidun Heyerdahl and Per Strom who encouraged me in my writing with their comments, their love and trust in me.
If you also have some comments, please, do not hesitate to write to me. I'll be grateful.

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