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 HELLACAUST - Dark Age Descending - CD -  Killing Now!!
 CASTRUM - Hatenourisher - CD -  Killing again!!
 BbP May(hem) Special - All CD's $6.66 each postpaid until December 20, 2011!!!
 BbP Kontakt - info at bloodbucketproductions dot com

  Artist Title Format Price
  Artist Title Format Price


BLOODBUCKET PROD. Buckets Of Blood Vol.2 Comp.CD $3.33


CASTRUM Phenomenonsense CD+ $6.66

CASTRUM Mysterious Yet Unwearied CD $6.66
CASTRUM Hatenourisher CD $6.66
CUNTWORM The Inhuman Condition DWNLD $6.66
CUNTWORM Arias Des Vampyr CD $6.66
HELLACAUST Dark Age Descending Re-Issue CD $6.66
HORDE OF WORMS Wormageddon - Ltd.Edition MCD $3.33
HORDE OF WORMS Dreams And Dying Eyes CD $6.66

MANIAC Fast And Deadly CD $6.66
SCABLORD Kiss The Gristle CD 2012
THROB OF OFFAL Moss Funeral CD $6.66
TIME OF DEATH Forever Trapped In A Broken Mirror CD $6.66
TIME OF DEATH The Last Breath Of The Dying CD $6.66


  Artist Title Format Price

CASTRUM Logo Button $1.00
HELLACAUST Inevitable Dementia CD $9.00
HELLACAUST/MUDLARK Split 7" Vinyl $6.66
Kyfe Under Oligarch Control... MC $3.33
TIME OF DEATH Logo Button $1.00

Artist/Title Description Format Price
Abacinate/God Rot - Split (USA) Brutal Tech. Death Metal CD $9.00
Abismo Eterno - La Ultima Elegia Del Guaridan (ECQ) Melodic Black Metal CD $5.00
Absemia - Morbopraxis (ARG) Brutal Death Metal CD $9.00
Aggression - The Full Treatment (USA) Fast Old School Thrash Metal CD $9.00
Antropomorfia - Engendro (ESP) Death Metal CD $5.00
Arphaxat - Loudun la Maudite (FRA) Evil Old School Black Metal CD $9.00
Auriga - Chains Of Despair (GER) Depressive Black Metal CD $9.00
Barbarity - Enough Graves For Everyone (RUS) Brutal Death Metal CD $9.00
Behelal - Metamorphosis (GRE) Satanic Black Metal CD $9.00
Black Omen - Symphony (TUR) Symphonic Black Metal CD $9.00
Blastomycosis - The Putrid Smell Within (CAN) Sick Brutal Death Metal CD $9.00
Bombarder - Speed Kill (YUGO) Old School Thrash/Death'n'Roll CD $9.00
Bowels Out - Enlightenment Through Dismemberment (USA) Brutal Texas Death Metal CD $9.00
Capitis Damnare - Black Stigmatized - The Order Of Worship & Death (GER) Raw Old School Black Metal CD $9.00
Castle - In Witch Order (USA) Riff heavy Fem-fronted Doom Metal Digi-CD $9.00
Clearwater Deathblow - Parasite Cleansing (CAN) Tech. Deathgrind CD $9.00
Corprophemia - Arrived In Pieces &(CAN) Brutal Tech. Death Metal CD $9.00
Crucifixxx Sodomy - Satanic Waste Removal Unit &(CAN) Toronto Cult Black Crust Attack Ltd.MC $5.00
Curse/Sykdom - Split (ICE/NOR) Epic Raw Black Metal CD $9.00
Darth - Buttfucked By Destiny (POL) Heavy Death/Thrash Metal CD $5.00
Dawn Of Svarogh/Heldentod - Split (CAN/HUN) Cold Slavic-Canadian & Hungarian Black Metal CD $9.00
Deamon - Descend Dethrone (CAN) Killer Death Metal CD $9.00
Deep Vein/Bloody Sign/Oppression - 3 Way Split (VAR) Brutal Death Metal MC $5.00
Demonic Ressurection - A Darkness Decends (INDIA) Demonic Black/Death Metal CD $9.00
Diabolical Breed - Compendium Infernus (SWE) Symphonic Black Metal CD $9.00
Disgust/Inveigh - Bleeding The Gemini Split(CAN) Sick Brutal Death Metal CD $5.00
Dodsferd/Ganzmord - Split (GRE/USA) Raw/Cold Black Metal CD $9.00
Doom Syndicate - Beyond Salvation (USA) Brutal Melodic Death Metal CD $9.00
Doublesion - Cannibal Surgery (ITA) Experimental Death/Black Metal MCD $5.00
DRAGONSPOON - Dragonspoon (USA) Dark Rock feat: Fates Warning member CD $5.00
Eclipse Eternal - Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond The Species (CAN) Dark Epic Black Metal CD $9.00
E.F.R.O. - High School Panty Peep Show (CAN) Gangsta Goregrind CD-R $5.00
Empyrean Plague - Ancestral Embers Shall Burn (CAN) Epic Melodic Black Metal CD $9.00
Endless Dismal Moan - Ruin (JAP) Hyperblasting Ambient Black Metal CD $9.00
Epedemia Mortaliis - When The Epedemic Arrives/Worst Afflicted Rapture (FRA) Cold Melacholic Black Metal CD $9.00
Epoch Of Unlight - The Continuum Hypothesis (USA) Unique Tech. Death Metal CD $9.00
Eyes Of Ligeia - A Fever Which Would Cling To Thee Forever (USA) Twisted Suicidal Black Doom Metal CD $9.00
Ezgaroth - D.C.X.L.V.I:The Order (GRE) Fast Satanic Black Metal CD $9.00
F.O.B. - Follow The Instructions (Cz.Rep) New School Death Metal CD $5.00
Forgotten Sunrise - Ru:mipu:dus (EST) Lysergic Deathbeat Ambience Digi-CD $9.00
Formorii/Wiatr - Split (CAN) Primitive Pagan/Folk Black Metal CD $9.00
Ghast/Rape-X - Split (CAN) Black Ambience/Mech. Drone CD $9.00
Gromm - Cold Old Thorns (UKR) Cold Raw Black Metal CD $9.00
Gromm/Endless Blizzard - Split (UKR/USA) Raw Black/Cold Black n' Roll CD $9.00
Hate Division - Strategy Of Obsolescence (CAN) Vicious Canadian Death Metal CD $9.00
Hidden - Aleiststar Morphalite (USA) Tech. Black Thrash Metal CD $9.00
Hurusoma - Sombre Iconoclasm (JAP) Fast Freezing Black Metal CD $9.00
Immortal Rites - Art Of Devotion (GER) Heavy Melodic Black Death Metal CD $9.00
Incarnatus - Simfonia De Hades (ECQ) Melodic Black Metal CD $9.00
Infected Malignity - Re:bel (JAP) Technical Death Metal CD $9.00
Into Dagorlad - Apostasie (FRA) Raw Black/Thrash Metal CD $9.00
Kataplexis - Insurrection (FRA) Blasting Tech. Death Metal CD $9.00
Khisanth - Forseen Storms Of The Apocalypse (USA) Fast Cold Black Metal CD $9.00
King - Sufferance Obsolescent (CAN) Mid-pace Melodic Black Metal CD $5.00
Krieg - The Church(USA) Raw Evil Black Metal MCD $9.00
Kuru - Epidemic (USA) Deathgrind with groove CD $9.00
Lightning Swords Of Death - The Golden Plague (USA) Venomous Blackend Speed Metal CD $9.00
Maple Cross -Next Chapter (FIN) Melodic Thrash Metal CD $9.00
Martyrium - Withering In Voluptuous Embrace (MALTA) Symphonic Black Metal CD $9.00
Metastasis - From The Snow The Executioner Rises Again (CHI) Raw Old School Death/Thrash Metal CD $9.00
Miscreant - Oppressive (RUS) Thrashing Death Metal CD $9.00
Monkey Eating Flesh/Severe Metastasis - Lychantropic Bestial Buthery Split (PHI) Brutal Gore Metal CD $5.00
Mord - Imperium Magnum Infernalis (USA) Melancholic Satanic Black Metal CD $9.00
Morgain - Sad Memories Of Fairies (SLO) Dark Gothic Metal CD $5.00
Morte - Irresponsible Misanthropic Existence (ITA) Raw Cold Black Metal MCD $9.00
>Mortuary Hacking Session / Gruesome Malady - Torture Your Ghost Split (USA/S'PORE) Goregrind CD $5.00
Murder By Static.-Luxicon Phase (CAN) Extreme Electronic Chaos CD $9.00
Mydgard - Decay Of Thy Gods (ESP) Cold Melodic Black Metal CD $5.00
Nadja - Skin Turns To Glass (CAN) Ambient Drone Doom CD $9.00
Noisecore Freak - Apathetic Infant Skull (CAN) Extreme Grind/Noisecore Chaos CD $9.00
Nuclear Hammer - Obliteration Ritual (CAN) Raw War Metal CD $9.00
Obscene Eulogy - A Portal Into Fire (CAN) Cold Black Thrash Metal CD $9.00
Ocultan - Profanation (BRA) Satanic Black Metal CD $9.00
Old Yron - Old Yron (ITA) Old School Heavy Metal CD $9.00
Pandemonium - The Autumn Enigma (SWE) Epic Melodic Death/Black Metal CD $5.00
Perverse - Blunt Of Stench (POL) Chronic Death Metal CD $5.00
Phantom Limb - Veins Of Unholy Capacity (USA) Brutal Mid-Pace Evil Death Metal CD $9.00
Polymorph - Disgraceful Supper (GER) Brutal Death Metal MCD $5.00
Racias Torcidas - Digital Metal Flesh (EL SALV) Rare Brutal Old School Death Metal CD/DVD $9.00
Rademassaker - Satanic Zombie Hordes (GER) Zombified Deathgrind CD $9.00
Raven's Bane - Sorrow Breeds (USA) Blackened Ambient Drone CD $9.00
Ritual Carnage - I, Infidel (JAP) Killer Old School Thrash Metal CD $9.00
Rotting - Crushed (CAN) Pounding Brutal Death Metal CD $9.00
Salem - Live Demise feat: Concert, Video, Extras - Subt: Eng,Jap,Deutsch,Rus (ISR) Cult Death Black Metal DVD $5.00
Satarial - ...And The Flame Will Take The Temples Of Christ (RUS) Satanic Black/Doom Metal CD $5.00
Saxorior - Saxot (GER) Heavy Melodic Death Metal CD $9.00
Sculptor - Dark October (RUS) Melancholic Black Doom Metal CD $9.00
Solitaire - Predatress (FIN) Thrashing Heavy Metal CD $9.00
Spewgore - Chipped Teeth Broken Fingers (CAN) Old School Thrash Metal CD $9.00
Splattered Entrails - Nauseate (USA) Sick Slamming Death Metal CD $9.00
Strings Of Ares - Temple To Mars (CAN) Brutal Death/Black Metal CD $9.00
Surrender Of Divinity - Oriental Hell Rythems (THAI) Raw Vicious Black Metal CD $9.00
Terrorist - Mata O Muere (MEX) Pounding Groovy Death Metal CD $9.00
Thanatos - Undead Unholy Divine (HOL) Evil Old School Death Metal CD $9.00
The Dead - Ritual Execution (AUSSI) Deranged Death/Doom Metal CD $9.00
The Exinct Dreams (RUS) Melodic Black Doom Metal CD $9.00
THE MEAT SOCKET - Issue #1 Extreme Music/Horror(CAN) Multimedia Mag feat:Impaled Nazarene +more CDROM-Mag $3.00
THE MEAT SOCKET - Ordeal #2 Extreme Music/Horror(CAN) Multimedia Mag feat: Horde Of Worms +more CDROM-Mag $3.00
THE MEAT SOCKET - Issue #4 Extreme Music/Horror(CAN) Multimedia Mag feat:Snuff Porn+more CDROM $3.00
Thy Flesh Consumed - Unrepentant(CAN) Blasting Brutal Death Metal CD $9.00
Tjolgtjar - Five Tjolgtarian Keys (USA) Raw Psychedelic Black n' Roll CD $9.00
Tjolgtjar - Midnight Mindtrip (USA) Raw Psychedelic Black n' Roll CD $9.00
Twilight Hammer - Ogrish Steel (CAN) Old School Thrash MetalCD $9.00
Unorthodox - Asylum (USA) 70's Influenced Doom Metal CD $5.00
Vexed - Destruction Warfare (ITA) Raw Old School Speed Metal CD $9.00
Vrykolakas - Spawned From Hellfire & Brimstone (S'PORE) Brutal Evil Death Metal CD $5.00
Witchmark/Lych - Split &(CAN) Violent Cold Black Metal CD $9.00
Wolven Ancestry - Silence Of The Boreal (CAN) Cold Epic Black Metal CD $9.00
Your Kids On Fire - Aught Six: A Necrodyssey (USA) Grinding Death Metal CD $9.00
Zebarges - Putain d'Metal (FRA) Raw Crusty Punk CD $5.00
Zebarges - Too Big For Love (FRA) Raw Bass Only Crust Punk CD $5.00

  Artist Title Format Price
Burning Caskets Logo Patch $5.00
Occult Pentagram with goat head Patch $5.00
Rotting Logo Patch $5.00
Slaughter Logo Patch $5.00
Slaughter Logo with skeleton Patch $5.00


Scablord - Kiss The Gristle - CD - 2012

Horde Of Worms - Blastphemy, Lust & Destruction - CD - 2011

Horde Of Worms - A Decade Of Blastphemy - CD/DVD - 2012

Cuntworm - The Inhuman Condition - CD - 2011

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