Bloodbucket Productions is your source for u/g & obscure extreme music worldwide!!!Welcome to the re-designed Bloodbucket Productions website. There are still more features to be added during the next little while so keep checking back for updates. Meanwhile you should check out the "Catalogue" for all your metallic music needs available at down-tuned prices. The "News" section has been updated with the latest artist and label information and activities. If you know nothing about Bloodbucket Productions we encourage you to see the "About" section for more info on who we are and what we do... if you do not like METAL you can leave the site now.

Bloodbucket Productions is a leading independent record label and distro with worldwide reach. We specialize in extreme music from the Canadian and international underground at cheap prices as well as local concert promotion and cd manufacturing for independent bands. Our releases are distributed through most majors and a wide variety of underground distros/labels, if your local shop does not carry our releases, contact us to order directly.

Bloodbucket Productions is an honest hard working label which resents and wishes torment unto the plague of RIP-OFF's in the worldwide metal community. The following are labels/distros/people who are currently on our list of vermin: Forensick Musick (Cz.Rep), Metalbolic Records (USA), Kekal Zine and the rest of the Davao City Rip-off Syndicate (Phil)... you have been warned!!

Support your local extreme music scene and the worldwide underground!!!


The brand new and third full length album by the Canada's warmasters Hellacaust titled "Disgust" has been unleashed upon mankind, grab your copy today!!