Emerging from the depths of the Canadian black/grind/death metal scene comes HORDE OF WORMS.  They combine a potent mixture of extreme music to create their own unique brand of metal.  One only needs to listen to any of their blasting releases out on the Bloodbucket Productions label for the proof...
Utilizing the elements of SPEED, melody, texture, and mood; their songs rip caverns into the listeners mind, soul and ears leaving them salivating for more!!!

HORDE OF WORMS are continuing the tradition of their predecessors while carving their own brutal path into the future...

HORDE OF WORMS was formed in the spring of 1996 with the intent to ursurp the thrones of extreme metal. Being one of the first bands aside from Mortician, C.U.M. and Mysticum to utilize a drum machine since their inception, HORDE OF WORMS have created for themselves a new standard of extreme metal in which the realms of speed and chaotic violence are pushed to the maximum!!! Over the years, through hard work and dedication and numerous obstacles HORDE OF WORMS has evolved into one of the most unique and extreme bands in the metal scene today. If you need examples listen to any one of their five releases or check the meanacing songs on the Myspace page, go, hear for yourself... Not for the weak!!!

HORDE OF WORMS are planning a monstrous release that should eventually see release in 2009-2010. This release will contain the bands' favorite songs from their recording career, some demo versions of songs that appear on their releases and a dvd containing video footage taken from various live desecrations throughout the band's history of blasting madness! Please note that due to the incredible volume of material to go through, this release will be out in 2010. Keep your eyes out and eardrum ruptured for more worm news!!!

Horde Of Worms have in their decade of existence released 5 blasterpieces of hypergrinding blackened madness which are in order: Horde Of Worms - 1997, Dreams And Dying Eyes - 1999, Wormageddon - 2001, The Uncreation 2003 and Unearthly Desolation in 2005. All of the worms releases are available through the label Bloodbucket Productions. Check out the "Releases" page on this site or the Bloodbucket Productions website for how to order these monstrous discs!!!


HORDE OF WORMS have some good news as of late 2008 to report and that is that they have a new bassist Spiros and have finally found the bulldozer Erich to fill the decade long void on drums!!! See "The Worms" for more info about the new worms... The band have also commenced work on new material of which 5 new blasting decompositions exist as of now, the new materail is proving to be vicious and intense as the evolution of Canadian Blast Metal continues. The band figures new material to surface sometime in 2009/2010.

In the meantime, check the "Live Assaults" page for details on when and where Horde Of Worms will detonate live in a city near you, beware the worms are coming for you...

"Things are continuing in the direction we have wanted with the eviloution of our music and the members of the band. In this the 13th year of existence for Horde Of Worms we feel a sense of Canadian Blast Metal pride and a desire to cause maximum audio destruction. We remain steadfast in our approach and integrity. We now unleash the blast barrage on stage and are hunting for the next town to destroy. We will never rest... Alexander/Horde Of Worms - May 6/2009"

The sick new Horde Of Worms T-shirts are available now (YM, YL, L, XL) only. This killer new shirts artwork was done by Mike Majewski (Devourment). Get yours today!!!

HORDE OF WORMS have now unleashed their first ever video!! The video was written and directed by Reka Barti and it turned out bloody and excellent! Over 5 gallons of blood were used as well as actual carnage. The video will be part of the dvd portion of the "Best Of" which is due out in 2009. Check it out below....

The end is nigh, Beware the Worms!!!