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The Death Clock
The one and only place where you can go and die...

Toronto Undead
Info on the Local Toronto Metal Scene/Shows/Links...


Official Home to Cuntworm


Official Home to Castrum

Time Of Death...

Official Time Of Death... Site

Throb Of Offal

Official Throb Of Offal Site

Encomium Extreme Underground Webzine
Killer Zine and Interview with Horde of Worms

Worm Gear Zine
Review in issue #8

Krepuskulum Zine
Rewiews in #3 and 4 - Interview in #3

Black Hole Magazine

Himos Rituales De Guerra Webzine & Radio show

Official Himnos Site

Worship Satan Zine/Skullfuckingmetal Distro

Worship Satan Zine / Skullfuckingmetal Distro!!

Noisecore Freak:

Official Noisecore Freak grindsite!!!

Jen's Metal Page:

Check out Jen's Metal Page

Rue Morgue Magazine:

Canada's/World's premiere Horror Mag

The Colourfast:

Japanese Thrash Metal Band


Official Brutalism Metal Site


Official Gorepriest Site


Official Sentient Site

Death Metal:

A Site Deadicated to Death Metal

Killer Artist:

Black Lodge Arts Domain

Metal Maniacs:

Metal Maniacs Mag


Official Bitchsplitter Site


Official Depression Site - Grind!!

Funeral Fog

Official Funeral Fog Site

Death Fucking Metal!!!

Official Purgatory Website

Nihilistic Warcaust Webzine

Interview with Horde Of Worms

Rage Co.

Canadian Metal Site and Radio

Guitar Site

Guitar Site w/ tabs, lessons etc...

Metal Archives Website!!!


Beowolf Productions

Official Beowolf / Treats From the UG

The Great Kat

Official Great Kat Worship Website

Metal Coven


Tartarean Desire Webmag

Official Tartarean Desire Website

Eclipse Eternal

Official Eclipse Eternal Website

Kick In The Head

Metal Music Classifieds

Toronto Goth

Official Toronto Goth Website

Scab Bombardment Prod

Grind Label and Promoter

Sevared Records

Official Sevared Records Website


Fleshrites Extreme Metal Website

Dreams Of Damnation

American Thrash Metal Specialists


Northern Ontario Black Metal

Maelstrom Zine 666

Maelstrom Zine Website

Gerbe Of Life

Official Gerbe Of Life Website

Molesting The Decapitated

Official Devourment Website

Texan Black Metal

Official Adumus Website

Tsatthoggua - One of Horde's favorite bands ever!

Official Tsatthoggua Website

Brutal Canadian Death Metal

Official Rotting Website

Killer Extreme Metal Site

Music Extreme Website

Internal Suffering

Official Internal Suffering Website

UK Metal Mayhem

Metal Mayhem UK Site

Xwarp Metal Site


Metal Message (GER)

Extreme Metal Site

Obskure Sombre Records

Obskure Canadian Label


Official General Surgery Site

Sick Gloria Mundi

Official Red Harvest Site

Canadian Speed Metal

Official Hellacaust Site

Metal Directory


Majeste Simphonia

Official Majeste Simphonia Site


Official Nephelium Site

Satan Takes A Holiday

Underground Radio 3am-7est Sun.

Official Rapture Radio Site

Rapture Radio

Bushmado Metal Site

Bushmado Metal Site

Metal Refuge

Metal Refuge Site

Metal Fanatix

Metal Site

Metal March

Official Metal March Site

Metal Hordes

Official Metal Hordes Site


Official Nemesis Site


German Deathgrind Site

The Djinnsphere

Official Djinnsphere Portal

Centra Webzine

Centra Webzine Site

Fearsome Records

Official Fearsome Records Thrashsite

Metal Queen Managment

Official MQM Site

Mortuary I.O.D.

Official Mortuary I.O.D. Site

Open Up And Say



For your easylistening needs, viva Portugal!

Hard Beyond Driven

Radio and Webzine

Vancouver Music Scene

Vancouver Island's Music Scene

Ontario Metal

Ontario Metal Site, visit or die!

Canadian Metal

Canadian Metal Site, visit or die!

Dead Jesus

Official Dead Jesus Site

Suicide Pact

Official Suicide Pact Site