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Official SCABLORD Goresite

This is the official SCABLORD website. You will find any and all information about the latest dismemberings and pustulating news from Canada's sickest goregrind monster that is SCABLORD. The debut album aptly titled "Kiss The Gristle" will be released at some point during late 2005 or early 2006 through the BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS label. Check this or the label site for the latest gruesome details... The story of SCABLORD goes like this...

The debut album from SCABLORD titled "Kiss the Gristle" has been postponed due to the commitment of the mastermind NecroDeadawhile (the SCABLORD) to a sanitarium. It is rather uncertain at this point in time as to "if" and when he will be released to complete the recording of the debut. Rest assured Bloodbucket is trying to get the man a guitar! The prelim reports suggest that due to unrelenting misanthropic and nihilistic tendencies the SCABLORD will not be release any time this year. We here at Bloodbucket are proud to announce we have received a demo of two songs from the SCABLORD!!! A song will be featured on both Bloodbucket Productions compilation cds, namely "Buckets Of Blood Vol.1" and the newly released "Buckets Of Blood Vol.2"!!

We have been informed that the SCABLORD has been moved to the isolation wing of the asylum for trying to extract and eat one of the other patients eyes (reportedly with a rusted spoon)!!! BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS is arranging a weekend pass for the SCABLORD to record the long awaited "Kiss The Gristle" with the assistance of Alexander/HORDE OF WORMS! There is much red tape regarding the release of Necrodeadawhile at this time (Aug, 2004), we anticipate this will be resolved by some point this year...

The recording process has begun with Alexander from HORDE OF WORMS laying down the "live" drum tracks about a month or so ago. The SCABLORD was released on a weekend pass from the institution and recorded 9 songs with guitar! Sadly, time ran out so Necrodeadawhile will be attempting to finish recording the guitars and vokills the next time he is able to be conditionally released from the asylum... Recently, the SCABLORD himself managed to get a supervised weekend pass (January, 2005)and was able to put down 3 more songs on guitar. So far the result is nothing short of sick... picture a raw Autopsy meets Dead Infection!! Beware the plague of the Scablord is coming for you...

Bloodbucket Productions is proud and horrified to tell you that "Kiss The Gristle" is now complete!! The Scablord himself was able to finish the guitar and lay down the sickest vokills he could at Audio Danage Mobile Studios. The result... 13 tracks of sick, twisted, raw as fuck goregrind or Scabkore if you wish.

Scablord - Kiss The Gristle - Track Listing

I - Inhaling The Gore
II - Raped = Chainsaw
III - Barf Bag Bukkake
IV - Masticating The Sarpigeonous Scab
V - I Am The Scablord
VI - Squeal Like A Pig (Dirty Whore Mix)
VII - Kiss The Gristle
VIII - Autopsy Orgasm
IX - Creepy Finger Twitch
X - Hammered Into Soup
XI - Necrotising Ulcerated Tongue
XII - Gorebang
XIII - Insides Outro

Release date TBA!!!

This page was created on Friday, August 13th, 2004 and is updated whenever there is significant forensic evidence that the SCABLORD was here...