The Fantastic Four


Alex Hyde White: Reed Richards / Mr Fantastic
Rebecca Stabb: Sue Storm / Invisible Woman
Jay Underwood: Johnny Storm / Human Torch
Michael Bailey Smith: Ben Grimm
Carl Ciarfalio: The Thing

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This movie was never released and was shelved in 1993. The movie starred Alex Hyde White as Mr Fantastic, Rebecca Stabb as the invisible girl, Jay Underwood as the Human Torch and Michael Bailey Smith as the Thing. The villain was Dr Doom and a last minute change from the Moleman had a villain named the Jeweller.

The story takes place some ten years in the past where Reed Richards and Benjamin Grimm are college students and best friends. Reed is embarking on a joint life-long experiment with Victor von Doom to harness the power of Colossus.

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Colossus is a mysterious energy field which comes close to the Earth every once in a while. Doom's calculations worry Reed but nevertheless, they agree to perform the experiment that night.
Reed and Ben live in a boarding house which is owned by a certain Mrs Storm who has two children named Susan and Johnny. Susan, naturally, has a crush on Reed Richards and all four are good friends.

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That evening, Reed and Doom prepare their machine to harness the power of Collosus having created a machine in a top floor attic.
Reed queries Doom's calculations again but it is too late. Collosus is here! Reed raises the antenna which begins to absorb Collossus but they find that their machine can't handle that amount of energy is on the verge of overload. Sensing the danger, Reed leaps to safety, crying out to Doom to do the same. Doom refuses and frantically tries to control the overload.

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Meanwhile, outside, Ben Grimm and a whole host of other students watch the phenomonen that is Collosus up in the night sky. Ben sees flames over where Reed's experiment is taking place in the top floor of the house. Worried, Ben races to aid Reed. Back at the experiment, the machine explodes, sending out waves of powerful energy which electocute and burn Doom. Ben arrives and manages to push Doom out of harm's way but it seems that is too late. Doom is horrificaly disfigured.Ben and Reed rush Doom to the hospital but later find that it was too late. Doom dies... or so it would seem. Two men, recognising the potential of Doom's intelligence, kidnap the nearly dead man's body and promise to help him.

We are taken to present day where Reed is now a successful scientist working at the Baxter building. He and Ben have remained good friends and it is here that they both meet Alicia Masters. Ben is taken aback by her beauty and the feeling is more than mutual. A mysterious being known only as the Jeweller also spies the beauty.

Reed is at the point where he is ready to once again attempt to harness the power of Colossus with the use of a giant diamond.

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This time, Reed decides to travel into space with Ben as his pilot but they are two short of a crew. Ben, against Reed's wishes, enlists the help of Susan and Johnny Storm to complete the crew.Doom finds out about the experiment and sends two of his agents out to sabotage it but the Jeweller beats them to it by stealing the giant diamond and replacing it with a fake.
During the mission, Reed attempts to harness the power of Collossus and everything seems to be fine until the 'diamond' explodes and he realises it was a fake. With nothing to protect them with, all four of them are bathed in the power of Collossus. The spaceship overloads and crashes back down to Earth.

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Thinking that they have died, the authorities arrange for a memorial to be erected and for the face sculptures, the task is given to Alicia Masters. Realising that it is Ben Grimm who has seemingly been killed, she becomes distraught, right at the instant that the Jeweller's men kidnap her.
In a remote area, Ben Grimm wonders among the wreckage of the downed spacecraft when he hears shouts for help in the distance. He races over to find Reed trapped beneath some debri and frees him. Like Ben, Reed is unscathed. Suddenly, Johnny comes running towards them and seeing that he is also fine, he begins to query how they are all unhurt while the ship is in pieces. It is then that Johnny sneezes and manages to set some shrubbery alight. They are all amazed and then they hear Susan's voice but don't see her. She suddenly appears before them, but only half of her is visible. She panics, stumbles and falls but Reed miraculously stretches his hand ten feet to catch her before she hits the ground.

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That night, the four of them set-up camp, waiting for the authorities to find them and hoping to get help on their mysterious new powers. Dr Doom pin-points their location first and sends out a group of his agents disguised as the U.S. military. Everyone is surprised when Ben Grimm appears in a rocky orange hide.
All of them are taken and put in quarantine in an unknown location place which is actually Doom's castle. There, Dr Doom's scientist performs experiments on the four to ascertain where they got their powers from. Dr Doom plots to transfer all their powers to himself.

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Meanwhile, Reed begins to grow suspicious on why they have been kept so isolated and decides that they should help themselves. Disguising themselves in radiation suits, the four of them escape but not before stumbling upon a laboratory. Here they come face-to-face with their captur - Dr Doom.
In an attempt to escape, Dr Doom sends in his agents to capture the Fantastic Four. The four of them are still relatively new at using their powers and hold their own against Doom's men.

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As the fight ensues, they find themselves cornered. Johnny Storm attempts to burn their way out while the others cover him but it seems that the walls are too strong.

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Enter the Thing. Realising it is their only hope for escape, the Thing breaks them out by smashing a hole through the wall. Defeating most of Doom's men, they all manage to escape.

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Dr Doom returns to his lab, having left the fighting to his men and is amazed to find that the Fantastic Four have escaped. Dr Doom puts a plan into motion but to ensure it will work, he requires the diamond the Jeweller stole. Meanwhile, our heroes have returned to New York where Reed begins to look for a cure. he realises that the powers they were given were as an indirect result of their main weaknesses but still cannot determine why they can all revert back to human form while Ben remains as the Thing.
Angry wth they way he looks and the fact that Reed is having trouble finding a cure, the Thing deserts the team, leaving the Baxter building. On the streets, the Thing is shunned by the public until he is found by the Jeweller's men. They are not afraid of him and finding that he has been accepted, the Thing goes with them.

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The Thing is taken to the Jewller's underground hideout. There, the Jeweller accepts him into his group, realising the potential of having the Thing on his side.
It is at that moment that Dr Doom arrives with a number of his own men who are armed. Dr Doom demands that the jeweller hand over the stolen diamond to him.

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The Jeweller refuses and a fight ensues which is mostly one-sided with most of the Jeweller's men being killed by the dozen. The Jeweller takes Alicia Masters hostage and uses her as a shield. Dr Doom isn't interested in her until the Thing intervenes.
Realising that the Thing has feelings for the girl, Dr Doom takes her hostage and threatens to kill her. This also allows him to get his hands on the diamond. The Thing, seeing Alicia in Dr Doom's clutches, get's ready to attack.

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Alicia tells the Thing, realising he is actually Ben Grimm and that he is still alive, that she loves him. This causes a transformation in the Thing, reverting him back to Ben Grimm. Now in danger of being killed, Ben escapes. Upon reaching the surface, Ben Grimm changes back to the Thing but Dr Doom has escaped by this time.
Back at the Baxter building, Reed has had little luck in finding a cure but they are all now beginning to accept their powers. Susan Storm even sews up four costumes for them to all wear, deciding to use their powers to help mankind.

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Suddenly, the main display screen comes to life and the visage of Doom appears. Dr Doom gives the Fantastic Four twelve hours to surrender themselves to him. He warns them that if they refuse, he will demolish all of New York with his giant laser gun (!).
Reed now knows that Dr Doom is really his friend, Victor von Doom whom he thought had died ten years ago. But they are now only three when the Thing returns, telling them that he is back for good. Reed wants to go alone but they all have a stake in this. Climbing into the Fantasticar, the four of them set off for Latveria.

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Upon arrival, they find that the castle is deserted. they begin there search which takes them to Dr Doom's lab.
Reed is amazed at the technology and upon seeing the giant laser, decides to first dismantle it. the four of them rush over to it but Doom makes his entrance.

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Reed tells Doom he knows who he is and tries to persuade him to give up his mad plan to destroy New York City. Doom, naturally, refuses.
It is then that Doom pulls a switch and four forcefields drop down from the ceiling, trapping our heroes. There is an energy field which then begins to siphon off their powers. Doom's plan is to feed their powers through the giant diamond and channel it all into himself.

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While Doom is distracted in doing this, Reed stretches his foot as far as it will go and manages to de-activate the force field. free once more, Dr Doom runs, sending in his men to take care of the Fantastic Four but not before also activating the laser. A fight with Doom's men ends quickly and reed races to try and de-activate the laser but it is too late.
Meanwhile, the Thing searches and finds Alicia Masters and frees her from Doom's men.

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Johnny flames on and flies out after the laser beam, hoping to intercept it before it hits New York. As the Human Torch he manages to outrun the beam just before it's about to burn the city to the ground but how can he stop it?

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Reed and Sue watch Johnny's progress, hoping he will stop the laser beam in time. But now, there remains only one more loose end. The final confrontation with Doom. Reed runs out of the lab to find him.

Usinf his flame power, the Human Torch creates a shield of fire and blocks the laser beam just outside New York. Increasing the pressure, the Human Torch manages to knock the beam of course and extinguish it just in time.

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Reed finds Doom and the final fight begins. Reed rains blow after blow on Dr Doom, using his stretching ability to keep out of Doom's reach and manages to knock him over the edge of the balcony. Not wanting to kill him, Reed catches him by the gauntlet and tries to pull him up. Doom has other ideas and knowing he has lost, dislodges his gauntlet and falls - seemingly to his death.
Sue finds Reed and all of them leave Doom's castle. Reed pops the question to Sue and they are married soon afterwards in a ceremony attended by all.

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