Welcome to Batdude's Photomanipulations!


This is something I've just started getting into and so far, I have been relatively pleased with the results. I've done quite a few already and some of them have been posted in the excellent Comics2film website.

Please note that some of the images are a little...revealing so if you are offended by nudity, then do not click on any of the images that have a warning.


Black Cat - This was my first ever Manipulation and it's one of my favourite characters! The base image I found while reviewing a photomanips group.

Black Cat 2 - This was my second attempt at this character and I found a very cool base image to work with, too. I like everything about this one except for the fur which lines her costume. Couldn't quite get that right...*WARNING*

Black Widow - Here's Catherine Zeta Jones as the Black Widow. The base image is actually a fake which I found on a site and decided to do a manipulation with it. I'm relatively pleased with the result but it still needs a little work - especially with the belt.

Dagger - I decided to do Dagger because I wanted to try someone with an all white costume. I like the result but I wasn't very happy with the base image. *WARNING*

Elektra - This was actually my second manipulation, I think. I really liked the way this came out, even though the costume doesn't quite look right in some places. The base image is of the model Tiffany Taylor.

NEW!!! Invisible Woman - This is one of the cooler costumes that the Invisble Woman wore. The base image is of the model Heather Kozar. *Warning* Costume is slightly invisible ;-)

Namorita - I found the perfect base image for this character which was of a swimsuit model already in a shell bikini. Unfortunately, I had problems trying to make her look realistic...

Psylocke - The ever-popular X-woman. I wanted to try Psylocke and I think this ended up being a bit of a rush job. However, it still turned out OK. The base image I just found lying around in my archives. *WARNING*

Punisher - I found this site which had loads of women holding guns so who better than the Punisher? I like the way this came out and the base image basically did the hard part for me.

NEW!!! Punisher 2 - I did this one at the request of a good friend. Added a logo and a background.

Rogue - Finally got around to doing my favourite X-Woman. I like the way this turned out and the fact that I once again used my favourite model- Tiffany Taylor - for the base image

Scarlet Witch - The base image was just perfect for doing Wanda so I did and was pleased with the outcome. *WARNING*

Shanna - the she devil - Found the ideal base image of a swimsuit model and edited her bikini to add the leopard skin and this is what I got!

Spider-Woman - The base image is another fake this time of Sarah Michelle Gellar. I haven't finished this one yet but don't hold your breath waiting. I think I may search for another base image. *WARNING*

NEW!! Venom - Classic Spidey villain!!

Wasp - Wasp from the Avengers! I had a base image in my archives and was trying to choose who to do next when I came upon the comic image of Wasp on the marvel site. I liked the look of the costume and did the manipulation!

White Queen - I really liked this base image and when I saw the White Queen's costume, I had to do a manipulation. *WARNING*

Yith - I was reading the Spider-Man-Quality of Life series and I thought what a cool character Yith was and then decided what a good challenge it would be to do a manipulation. For the base image, I chose Nell Mcandrew in a Lara Croft costume. Found an image of a snake and put the two together. Obviously there was a load of work in between but here's the result!


Catwoman - Famke Jansen as Catwoman - I liked the idea and when I found this base image which is another fake, I manipped it. I liked the result! *WARNING*

Huntress - This is one of my favourites and I think it came out really well. It was my first attempt at manipping a cape as well. The base image is again Tiffany Taylor.

NEW!!! Supergirl - Had to be done! *Warning*


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