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The 2001-2002 Stanley Cup Champions
The Detroit Red Wings

Official Red Wings Site

1st Round: They started this round as heavy favorites against Vancouver, only to find themselves in a 2-0 deficit after two losses at home. Now, being a team that was looking to go down as one of the biggest upsets in the history of the game, Nick Lidstrom launched a shot from center ice and scored in game 3, which turned this series around. Detroit then went on to win the next four straight in somewhat of a demanding fashion.

Game 1: 4-3 VAN Game 2: 5-2 VAN Game 3: 3-1 DET
Game 4: 4-2 DET Game 5: 4-0 DET Game 6: 6-4 DET
Round 2: Detroit never really had much of a threat in this series, as St. Louis went down in 5 games. After numerous attempts by the Blues forwards and Chris Pronger to take out Steve Yzerman, it ended really hurting them. In game 4 Chris Pronger took a major run at Yzerman, who ducked to avoid the hit, which left Pronger going over the top of Yzerman and injuring his knee. That took him out of the rest of the playoffs as well as part of next season.

Game 1: 2-0 DET Game 2: 3-2 DET Game 3: 6-1 STL
Game 4: 4-3 DET Game 5: 4-0 DET  
Round 3: This series was the one the entire hockey world hoped to see, and we all got to watch a great series. This one could have went either way, but Detroit pretty much controlled the entire series, they just couldn't solve Patrick Roy. He (Roy) stood up to what his expectations are in the playoffs, a "Wall". This series had everything, including three overtimes, lots of hitting, great goaltending, great defense and spurts of great offense. Detroit once again found themselves in a hole, trailing 3 games to 2 headed back to Denver. It wasn't until game 6, with 38 seconds left in the 1st period, that Detroit got the break they needed. Roy, making a routine stop and attempting his "Statue of Liberty", thought he had the puck in his glove but it dropped and Brendan Shanahan was there to put it in. From there on, Detroit took over, especially game 7 where they chased Roy from the net and blew Colorado out by a score of 7-0. Another factor in this series, Colorado already played two long 7 game series with mostly just two lines and two defense pairings, they just ran out of gas.

Game 1: 5-3 DET Game 2: 4-3 COL Game 3: 2-1 DET
Game 4: 3-2 COL Game 5: 2-1 COL Game 6: 2-0 DET
Game 7: 7-0 DET    

Finals: A series that most people figured would be an easy route to the Stanley Cup, and a sweep by Detroit, turned out to be just the opposite. Another series that could have been far different, also included two overtime games, one of which went into triple overtime and became the third longest game ever played in the finals. Not only that, but the person that scored the goal also became the oldest player to ever score in the finals. It was a 3 on 2 that led to Igor Larionov becoming that oldest player to ever score. Ray Bourque became the first 40 year old to ever score in the finals the year before, but Igor did it at the age of 41 years and 187 days. From there on, Detroit took command of the series and finished of their great season by winning the next two, coming back to home ice and winning their 3rd Cup in six years and 10th in their history.

Game 1: 3-2 CAR Game 2: 3-1 DET Game 3: 3-2 DET
Game 4: 3-0 DET Game 5: 3-1 DET  

There were many personal records set during this playoff run; Players scoring their first goals, some scoring their first hattricks, some scoring a record number of goals, Scotty Bowman setting a record for most wins in the playoffs and passing his idol Toe Blake with his 9th Cup ring, but Dominik Hasek set another record as well. He not only added the one thing (Stanley Cup) he's been after, but he set a record with the most shutouts during the playoffs with six. Congratulations to every player, not just Detroit, that set records of any kind. Also congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes for their impressive playoff run!

In Memory of Those that Lost Their Lives on September 11, 2001

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