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My family journey begins in Knox County, Indiana with the birth of my four times great grandfather, Samuel Alton Adams. Samuel Alton Adams was born in 1819 in Knox County, Indiana. He died in 1895 in Mt. Hope, Kansas. His parents represent my proverbial brick wall.

Samuel Alton Adams married Margaret Summitt (daughter of Henry and Catherine Summit) in 1840. You will find a link to my Summitt relations by going to the Summitt's links on Samuel and Margaret's page.

Vanessa's family surnames start with Fusco and Knowland. Fusco being her maternal side and Knowland being her paternal side.

There is an interesting side to the Fusco surname. A Joseph Fusco was Al Capone's right hand man in the bootlegging side of the family. It is reported that he was gunned down on the streets of San Francisco.

My genealogical journey has been interesting so far. It has involved a lot of research and long hours putting what I have on paper into these pages. I am obliged to give my heart-felt thanks to the many people who have contributed to this effort. I certainly have not done this on my own. You will find the names of those who have helped me on the credit page. Just click on the "Begin the Adams Family Search" link below.

Those of you who visit here, are welcome to the information contained on these pages. This has been a labor of love to be shared with all. It is my hope that along this journey I will continue to discover more of my relatives and another missing link to our family tree.

You are the visitor to this page. Thank you for joining us.

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