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WHITE  ROSE GASOLINE   is always uniform in quality - and every drop is power. Thousands and thousands of owners gladly pay a little more for it because they know they will get a pure, dry, carbon-free gasoline every time they put White Rose Gasoline in their tank.  Next time you need gasoline, fill up your tank with White Rose - you will keep on buying it. 

Whether your car is a Ford or a Rolls-Royce,EN-AR-CO MOTOR OIL will make it run better.If you drain the crankcase every 500 miles and refill it with EN-AR-CO you will be positively insured against motor troubles, repairs and delays caused by inferior lubricants. 


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,and it is more economical to use EN-AR-CO GEAR COMPOUND than to replace worn parts.Made in summer and winter consistencies,EN-AR-CO GEAR COMPOUND cushions differential and transmission gears and prevents metal to metal contact with the resultant wear.You can buy EN-AR-CO GEAR COMPOUND in 5 and 10-lb. tins,25 -lb cans or in drums with pumps. 

EN-AR-CO MOTOR GREASE is specially prepared for use in Alemite and all other high-pressure gun-greasing systems.It is a clean,pure lubricating oil in solidified form---positivly the finest grease made for use in cups,bearings,or any other place where grease should be used on autos,trucks and tractors.If you value your engine don't take a chance--you won't ,if you use EN-AR-CO MOTOR GREASE.It is packed in 1, 3, 5, 10 and 25-lb. tins. 

EN-AR-CO CUP GREASE is a high grade grease for general use,giving splendid service when used in compression cups.Manufactured from our own formula,we guarentee it to be the best cup grease on the market.It packs freely in the cups and bearings and gives perfect lubrication wherever used.You can buy EN-AR-CO CUP GREASE in 1, 3, 5, 10, 25 and 50-lb. tins. Keep a supply in your garage. 


Many people thought there was no difference in kerosene until they used NATIONAL LIGHT KEROSENE . They found it to be the very best oil for lamps, lanterns, oil heaters,cookstoves, incubators, brooders, oil burning tractors and every other purpose where the best burning oil is needed.Your experience will be the same. 

We have been making BLACK BEAUTY AXLE GREASE for 16 years and there is no axle grease to equal it. Famous from coast to coast, it contains no compounds to clog or gum and it makes an axle friction free and wear resisting. Black Beauty Axle grease is put up in1, 3, 5, and 10-lb. tins and 25-lb. pails. 

EN-AR-CO PRESSURE GUN GREASE is the chassis lubricant that gets where the grease is needed.It is perfect for Alemite, Zerk and all other systems.Introduced in May 1926 the earliest (left) 1 and 5-lb. tins have a plunger for easy gun filling. 


NATIONAL  (EN-AR-CO ) SEPARATOR OIL is a fine pale, stainless oil, specially prepared for the lubrication of hand-power Cream Separators.These separators revolve at enormous speed, and for this reason special care has been taken to furnish an oil that will keep the bearings cool, irrespective of the R.P.M. developed. 

BLACK STAR HARNESS OIL is a straight mineral oil,free from acids or ingredients that will oxidize,become rancid or rot leather.Will not soil the hands or rub off the harness to which it is applied.Goes further, lasts longer, and is more durable than any other dressing on the market.Available in quarts, half gallons and gallons. Also available is BLACK STAR HARNESS DIPPING OIL,light in body ,heavily compounded with Pure Neatsfoot Oil .By completely immersing the harness a beautiful and lasting finish is secured while penetrating the leather ,causing the minute fibres to slip on each other ,thus preventing "cracking". 

NATIONAL (EN-AR-CO) TRANSMISSION GREASE--A yellow colored semi-fluid grease of great durability and superior cushioning properties.Specially prepared for the lubrication of close-fitting gears in an automobile---roller and ball-bearings--axle lubrication---transmissions-- differentials, etc. Put up in 5 and 10-lb. tins,25-lb. pails, one-half and full (450-lb.)barrels. 

EN-AR-CO RUST RETARDER--Every car needs this inexpensive protection and the practice of treating the water in the cooling system is recomended by all automobile manufacturers. Put up in (blue) one imperial pint tins. 

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