Thanks to Walking Stick & Uther Locksley (uther@DRYCAS.CLUB.CC.CMU.EDU)

Copy & distribute freely, but give credit where credit is due.

Thanks to Lady Isadora for her gift of Yule Carols and other beautiful music to the pagan community.

We recommend her albums to those searching for recorded versions of pagan yule carols and other pagan music. Samples of that music are available on her site, along with full length MP3s, including Masters In This Hall, as found in this collection.

Thanks to Karen Deal Robinson for sharing her carols with us.

Thanks to Ellen Reed, editor and compiler of "Pagansong - Volume 1" for sharing her carols with us.

Pagansong - Volume 1:  At last, the pagan song and chant book you've wanted. Over 200 songs and chants for sabbats, moons, and other rituals, as well as pieces you can use for magic, or for fun. More than fifty songs for various Gods and Goddesses, circle casting songs, songs for children.

If you have any carols or other pagan music you would like to share, please consider sending it to Willow Firesong for addition to this archive.  I am currently considering starting a mailing list for the purpose of sharing new music for addition to the archive - if you support this idea, please email me.

This collection is a nonprofit labor of love.  The works within it are under copyright by their respective creators, and are used by permission.  Please contact the copyright holder for permission before reprinting any work from this collection, whether online or in any other medium.

Please read our NOTE TO WOULD-BE REPRINTERS before reproducing any carol from this collection!

Remember: while music is to be sung and shared, it's still the property of the creator;  they own the copyright, and with it, the right to decide who gets to make copies of their works.  It's that simple.

One last note: even if you have permission to republish or redistribute any of the songs in this collection, please be courteous to their creators, and do not seek to profit from the work of others without sharing the fruits of their labors with them.  This includes giving credit to the author/composer, as well as to the source from which you obtained the works, if you're reproducing more than one song from someone else's collection.

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