Gods Bless Ye Merry Paganfolk

Words by Anie Burke-Webb

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Tune:  "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen"

Gods bless ye merry, Paganfolk
Let nothing you afright
There's naught but peace will touch us here
On this the longest night
For our Great Mother will give birth
And turn the dark to light


And the Wheel's turning round and round
Round and round.
And the Wheel's turning round and round.

Into the west's fast dimming light
The Dark God must retreat
As all of life must come at last
To death the longest sleep
But our Great Mother then gives birth
The circle is complete

At morning's first bright ray of light
Arrives the Sun Child's birth
Returning through the Mother's womb
Life promised to the Earth
Now that our Mother's labor's done
Rejoice with song and mirth

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