Our Lady Greensleeves II

adapted by Unknown
original version by Lady Isadora

<bgsound SRC="../YuleMIDI/greensleeves.mid" loop=4>
Tune:  "Greensleeves"

The winter moon is shining bright
The yuletide log is burning
Good people gather and tonight
the sabbat wheel is turning
Joy, Mirth, the Sun's rebirth
Noels of old we greet thee
Life's ring is the song we sing
of praises of the Lady

T'was at the feast of bright beltain
when we all were a maying
Sweet minstrel, pleated her gown of grains
Spring round the lady was playing
And though now robed in snow
Her wintery garb deceives
For bedecked with holly and mistletoe
She is still our Lady Greensleeves

So drink thee wassail everyone
Good pagans all make merry
With wine as red as the reborn sun
As red as Holly berry
Dance, sing, come join the ring
As the yuletide's boughs she weaves
Fair Queen, the evergreen,
Sweet lovely Lady Greensleeves

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