Pagans, One and All

by Willow Firesong

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Tune:  "Masters in This Hall"

Verse 1:

Pagans one and all
Hear what I do say
Words from deep within
And ever I you pray


Hail hail hail to the Earth below
Mother of all life upon her, and the source of all we know
Hail hail hail to the Sun above
Our Lord the Sun is born again, the source of Light and Love

Verse 2:

Born again at Solstice,
the Sun God rules the Winter Skies;
His Consort, Earth our Mother;
The Year between them flies.


Verse 3:

Through the days of Springtime
The Sun God grows apace
Turning to Her flowers
A gentle, smiling face.


Verse 4:

Come the May and Beltaine,
The Sun God gains the Ladyís Love.
Her mantle green with courting;
His fullness reigns above.


Verse 5:

Through the blaze of Summer,
The Sun God burns his fiercest then
His pride is in his Lover;
The growth she shows within.


Verse 6:

Come the time of First Fruits
The Sun God then his strength has spent
The essence of his being
Flows forth, as through a rent.


Verse 7:

Then begins the Autumn,
His Mother, Night, weeps out her rains
And taking him within her,
The cycle starts again.


Verse 8:

With laughter and with feasting
Through the growing Winterís night
The Lady grows to Solstice,
The rebirth of the Light.


Verse 9:

Watch her swelling belly
As Night spreads through the skies
The Lady of the Winter,
The Moon between her thighs.


Verse 10:

Caught between the uprights,
See the shining Solstice star.
The Hinge-pin of the Winter,
Now push the door ajar!


Verse 11:

Through the Ladyís Labors
On this longest Winterís Night
Comes the Growing Sun God
The rebirth of the Light!


Verse 12:

Dark the night has gripped us
Through the building Winterís Cold
So round the fires we gather
As in days of old.


Verse 13:

From the crackling fire
Watch the sparks leap to the sky
Conjuring the Sun King
To once again ride high


Verse 14:

In the deep Midwinter
Through the frozen snow
Comes the Sun reborn
To set the skies aglow


Verse 15:

So in the depths of Darkness
Observe the Shining Solstice Star
That marks the depths of Winter
Means Springtime wonít be far.

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