Genealogical Nightmare!
Wilson, Smith & Jones

Thanks for dropping in!

This my attempt to list a current personal genealogy file,
in hopes to connect with new cousins!
Which I have been able to meet a few via the internet!
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  • My Father a Virginian /Tennessean - Wilson .
    Henry & Pittsylvania Co., VA to
    Obion (1), (2) & Weakley (1) Co., TN

  • My Mother Michigan - Smith
    from Muskegon & Newaygo Co., MI.
    With connections to Hull, CANADA & NORWAY.

  • My Grandmother is a Jones from:
    Lauderdale & Mc Connell, Obion Co., TN.

  • My Husbands Surname is, Whitis/Whitehurst.

    This page was created on Aug. 6, 1999. Updated Database April 26, 2002.
    By Ava Wilson Whitis

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