Fluffy Sings About Domestic Violence (MTV)

Fluffy, the English all-girl punk quartet which is anything but fluffy, predictably caused a stir in the UK with its 1995 EP, "Hypersonic," which featured a vibrator on its cover. Now the group has its first full-length album out, called "Black Eye," and singer Amanda Rootes says the title track is not yet another exercise in bad-mouthing men. It's about a woman enduring an agonizing situation. "The song's about domestic violence, but it's kind of, more about like...from a woman's perspective at the moment at which she decides to leave the guy she's with that's abusing her. It's about, like, the dichotomy of when you're with someone and you really love them and want to stay with them, yet they're really hurting you, and you can't leave them," Rootes said. The band is now touring the States with the New York band D-Generation with whom they'll be playing Detroit on Thursday. Fluffy will headline its own shows in Boston on April 9th and New York City on the 10th. On April 13th, they will join the musical lineup for an extreme-sports outing called the "X-Games Tour," kicking off in Austin, Texas.