April 16, 2000 Ok --- so this is screencap is a lil' big... but it's the only way I know how to post it. And...dude, it's like also the way Breeny does it. :) Yeah, that crazy Brit who won the 70s av contest last night. Heh. Congrats on that, B! His page has main screencaps if you want. I mean, they're more then me even though I'm the one who taught him how to make avs and I have more experience in screencaps then him... SOMEHOW dat brit has more then me. Wuz up wit dat foo'?

And no, viewers. Your eyes aren't desiving you. That actually IS AKA [Ass Kicking Amazon], my sis, in a X:WP av. Yup. I didn't believe it either. She's done tricks on us y'know? She said she didn't like rap last night and I like fainted and then on April Fool's she said she didn't like the X-Files and that she was totally obessed with Xena. Of course, we all know that she was liein'. Man... sure scared me half to death when I heard that. LOL. Yes, sis this paragraph is all yours. And don't worry... Chilly you'll get your turn one day too.