My e-mail account: HAS BEEN HACKED INTO. Any entries mailed from June 24-July 10 was mostly likly erased or read and sent a very bad comment by the hacker, NOT ME. April 16th, 2000 - I haven't updated this in like... forever and I'm sorry about that ya'all. I've had about 5 to 10 people wanting to join the Army and that's been... taken care of. To most of you I said I was too busy at the moment to update anything and I'm sorry about that. You know how life is! So... I'll try to find you guys' e-mails/names and post them here. Alright?

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After you send the form, it's required to send me a personal e-mail about who your character IS in the Army: Examples - Warrior, Bard, Amazon, Centaur.... I think you get the idea. After I get atleast one person, I'll put up a page of information. That's all for now.