The major femme in Speed Racer

Some things are a bit hard to determine about Trixie - the first being where she actually lives. Considering the amount of time she spends with the Racers, you'd think she either has no family of her own, or else just simply lives with them. But in 'The Secret Engine' she turns up at the Racers', very late at night, moaning that Speed stood her up, they were supposed to be goink to a party. If she lived with them, she would have known that Speed wasn't there. And she probably would have been home the whole night anyway, rather than waiting for Speed!
Her age is 17; we find this out in 'Junk Car Grand Prix'. She is often seen piloting a helicopter, apparently (thanks Sakura!) her parents own an aviation company or......something. In our roleplay, her real name is Aviatrix. Of course, she hates this and demands to be called Trixie. Who can blame her?
What else can I think of to say about case you're yet to pick it up because you're slow or something, she's Speed's girlfriend. I can imagine this Victory Lane meeting, like for Brooke and Jeff...or not. :::grins::: Did you know, Nascar drivers are forbidden to date Miss Winstons! So Jeff just goes "Okay, I can't date her, I'll marry her, then!"


Name: Trixie (Aviatrix - meaning 'female pilot')
Age: 17
Hair: Brown
Eye colour: According to the roleplay, green
Favourite saying: Oh, Speed, are you all right?!
Height: How the feck (Fr. Ted) would I know this? Probably about 5"7
Interesting (useless) fact: Trixie seems to be a quite good, fast mathematician. See 'The Fire Race' if you don't believe me...

Trixie's History

Note: This is practically all made up. In fact, it is all made up. I think. You see, I'm writing this before I actually write the thing. Introductions are my favourite parts of stories/things. Enjoy. It really only explains how she came to meet the Racers. Some of this comes from a recent manga I read.

Two years ago, my family and I had only just shifted to town. I was just fifteen, and had to start a new school and all. My parents had decided they were going to take the offer to own their own business, even though that involved shifting. They now owned a flight school, and it was just getting off the ground - excuse the pun!

I'd made a few friends - namely, Christine, Katy and Jenna. I remember when I first saw the Racers...

Jenna and I were walking out of school. I still didn't know many people, so Jenna was pointing some out to me. Lastly, she pointed to two guys walking into the parking lot.
"And *that*," she said, half in awe, "Is Speed Racer, and his friend Sparky.."
I may not have known Jenna for very long, but it was long enough to know she had a major crush on this Speed guy. I hadn't seen him before. The two walked over to a car, and Jenna yanked me behind another car, so we wouldn't be seen.
"Isn't he dreamy?" she asked me, practically drooling. I grinned, thinking of an evil plan.
"Tell you what, Jen," I began, "I'll go talk to him. Ask him what he thinks of you, okay?"
Her eyes widened. "You wouldn't!" she exclaimed.
I shot her a look back, that clearly said 'watch me'.
"Trixie, don't!" she pleaded. I smiled at her, stood up, and began walking towards the twosome's car. I heard her crying at me from behind, begging me not to, then heard her finish, "Tell him I'm free tonight!"
Typical Jenna. I reached the car.
"Hi," I said to Speed, who was obviously the taller one of the two.
"I'm Trixie, and my friend wants me to tell you she thinks you're dreamy.."
Speed turned away, and looked over at Jenna, who stood up from behind the car and gave an embarrassed wave.
"Oh," I added as an afterthought, "And she's free tonight".
Speed looked at me, and I realised what love-ly eyes he had.
"And what about you?" he asked.
I blinked. I hadn't been expecting that.
"Umm.." I wasn't sure what to answer. I was free that night, but Jenna would kill me. On the other hand, he *was* cute...
"Not really," I began, "No, I'm not.." I corrected myself.
"It's a shame," Speed told me, getting in the car. "I do always like going out with pretty girls"
I think my mouth opened pretty reflexively. I walked back to Jenna, who wanted to know what he'd said. I didn't want to tell her. Eventually she gave up.

Not long after, I actually went out with Speed, and Jenna eventually forgave me. Eventually..
Since, all my friends have left town, and I've almost become an adoptee of the Racers. No-one's ever home at my place, so I spend most of my time with Speed's family. I follow with them, to all of Speed's races around the world, playing the dedicated girlfriend role. And to scare off any girls thinking he's available.
My helicopter helps, of course. Keeps Speed from getting into trouble, as often as not. And of course I've learnt how to drive - even though I do have my own car, the Mach Five is my favourite. (despite what Speed may want to think..)

(look at who's in the drivers' seat!)

Don't ask why it ends so abruptly, okay?! Thanx for comin'!

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