Toledano's who lived in the Iberian peninsula prior to the expulsion of 1492;
Rabbi Isaac Toledano, lived in Toledo, astronom of Alfonso X (el sabio).;
Abraham Toledano, lived in Teruel (Aragon) circa 1283.;
Yahiel son of Joseph Toledano, a farmer from Tudela of Navarra, circa 1320.;
Solomon son of Abraham Toledano, a blacksmith from Avila, circa 1375.
Don Samuel Toledano, tax collector from Plasencia, middle of the 15th c.
Joseph Toledano, lived in Avila circa 1492.
Anton Toledano was tried in absentia by the Inquisition and burnt in effigy in 24 February 1484 in Ciudad Real.
Eliezer son of Jacob, physician from Lisbon, established the first print press in Portugal, circa 1485.
Abraham Toledano, lived in Tolosa (near Albacete), circa 1490.
Shemtov Toledano, tax collector from Sagunt (near Valencia), circa 1492.
Juda Toledano, from Toledo, expelled in July 1492 and left via the port of Almeria.
Isaac and Jacob Toledano, from Maqueda, converted to Catolicism on July 1492, they changed their name from "Toledano" to "Ribera".
Samuel Toledano, from Maqueda, expelled in July 1492.
Moshe Toledano, lived in Noves (province of Toledo), circa 1481.
Israel son of Joseph Toledano, Rabbi and Dayyan from Toledo, died in Toledo in 1316.
All the above were Jews.