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This page is dedicated to Oral "HAL" Halsell

10/28/29 to 1/2/96.

Hal was a great man and father who was dedicated to helping others. He served in the USArmy for 21 years and worked as nurse until his departure from this life. He loved to fish, and camp. One of his dreams was to someday have a board and care home for those who needed to be cared for. His dream is finally coming true under the direction of my sister. It will be dedicated in the memory of Hal Halsell and called Live Oak Country Home. He also loved unicorns, sci-fi, The Hobbit, and fantasy books. Therefore this page is about fantasy.

My Dad, Sister, and Me

I would like to thank Tiger eyes for the background, Draccs, Lady Ohs, and Angels Castles Of Gifs, and anyone else who contributed unknowingly. Yogi

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Yogi's photo page

Yogi's photo page

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