Da   Great   Oddballz   Egg   Hunt!

Every time da oddballz feel like it, they hold a egg hunt. They hide their individual eggs everywhere on my site, and let someone go look for them. They all decide on a specific egg to search for, and when you go find it, they give you a beautiful award for your webpage. (if you have one of course!)

PRozac's egg is the current egg to find, and it looks like this

The egg hunt is a BIG part of the oddballz lives, and they would be very sad... if you don't participate. So please, join in da fun, and find Prozac's Egg! When ya find da egg, ya clicks on it, and it takes ya ta a screen of info on how ta pick up yer award!

Because of some complications in da egg hunt type process, the next egg hunt has been delayed. I'm fixin da links on some of em, and it should be fully functional soon. Next egg hunt should be around July 8th.Be theres, or be squares!

The Egg Information has been given times.