Winners of When Hell Froze Over

[Files-Where I can live on in bold and brackets. It has now officially been a week since the inception of the Random Board. Can you believe it? Just one week and 1300 posts-and only 1200 are criticizing the new format!]

[First tokens go this week to the most inventive and/or most disturbing signature. Tocadisco wins that honor and with it wins 4 tokens. Now, if Toca would only pick and stick with one signature...]
Subj: And Mary Antoinette Shaves Her Legs......
From: Tocadisco
I finally finish reading the 900 posts and what are my options??
List them all again??

I think not.

A gopher eats his cud but once before dying a horrible death atop a mountain peak.
Toca K. Disco
Marketing Director for the Flowbee

[If you know anything about the Random Game and how tokens are awarded, you would know that we are suckers for hearing our name in entries. The following people know that fact and are each awarded 6 tokens. Tbird23, heads these winners with other ways to win this game. You can follow these suggestions as you see fit.]
Subj: How to Win the Random Game
From: Tbird23
Here are a few suggestions that will gurantee you tokens from this game:
- Sleep with the judge.
- Get a job with HO.
- Send in a really stupid, lame answer.
- Mention O.J. Simpson, Lorena Bobbitt, or any other scandolous news figure.
- Make lewd comments.
- Press a whole bunch of buttons at once, and laugh when they like your gibberish.
- Make fun of HO.
- Just write something really long, even if it's dull. They'll be too lazy to read it, and post it anyway.
- Use really big words that the HO executives won't understand.
- Post a list on how to win the random game.

Subj: Rantings by Krazy
From: Krazyk242
Sanity makes me sick. what's the point of sanity? why eat your food with a fork and knife when we got hands? why raise your hand before you speak in school when we can just scream whatever the l we want? Insanity gives us so much: OJ, rat eyed poodles, Chris Farley fan club, and of course, the Random Game.
Subj: Random is as Random does
From: ChknGuts
Stewed random, steamed random, boiled random, sauted random, random toufe, stuffed random, baked random, random kabobs, broiled random, random and rice, cajun random, steak and random, random jumbalaya, creole random, random vinagrette, random cocktail, big random, little random, butterfly random, creamed random......I guess that's just about all there is.

- Bubba
Subj: Gnome Drama, a Random Gem?
From: Bloodguilt
I found some anagrams for "Random Game"
rag ammo den rag ammo end am rag demon rag dome man rag mode man rag on mad me rag on dam me rag omen mad
rag omen dam ogre madman am ogre damn ogre dam man mad morn age norm age mad age norm dam ago mend ram
ago mend mar negro madam nag ammo red nag rome mad nag rome dam me arm do nag do nag mar me nag dome arm nag dome mar nag or mad me nag or dam me nag more mad morgan made among dream margo amend mange do mar
mange or mad mange or dam organ dam me organ mad me magna rod me groan dam me a grand memo damage morn
damage norm gore madman gone dam ram gone dam arm gone dam mar gone mad mar gone mad arm gone mad ram
goer madman am damn goer goer mad man dang or emma danger ammo god mare man god arm mean god arm amen
god mar amen goad mar men go drama men go dan mar me go mend a ram go and arm me go and ram me go and mar me
go damn ream go damn mare go amend arm go amend ram go amend mar go dream man gnome drama a germ damon
germ on adam germ ado man gemma adorn gemma radon dog mar mean dogma ran me a random gem gem road man
a gem or damn gem on drama gem nor adam gem oar damn garden ammo gander ammo am drag omen dragon emma
dragon me am gamma drone gamma or end gamma on red game or damn game nor mad game nor dam gad rome man
gad more man gad on mar me gad omen mar gad roman me erg on madam ego damn arm ego damn ram ego damn mar
Subj: Scientific Theory of the Random Game, by MagicClams
From: MagicClams
It seems to me, judging from my knowledge of physics, that randomness, or entropy, in a system is naturally at odds with the natural tendency toward lowering of temperatures, or enthalpy. THUS, in order to make this game as Random as possible, we should do our very best to heat it to the maximum temperature possible. The game should create a wall of heat so unbearable that Satan himself would scream with agony upon entry into this game. The
game shall become a pyre, burning with the fires of a thousand suns. Then, and only then, can the game be truly random. Also, we should make our slogan, "The Random Game: HOTTEST GAME ON HECKLER'S ONLINE!!!" just to trick those foolish bastards into approaching our furnace of Hades....

[Enough self-indulgence. Actually, not quite--here is an entry from MickPeek which I don't know what to make of, so I'll just give him 8 tokens.]
Subj: Radon random reckless recklers
From: MickPeek
The Radon Game awards a random total of cancer points every time you breath! We'll be awarding hosptial stays based on the hilarity and originality of your diseases! To see how many times you can get radon , check out The Coffin Cellar.

Here's the way it works: there are no rules and there are no time limits or schedules for losers, but there are prizes, your choice of new lungs or a pretty satin lined coffin.

How do you play? You simply send me any radon disease. Anything. Doesn't matter what. There are no categories or subjects, it just has to be catching.

[Now, I was going to give out to a group of 4, 5 tokens each. Then, I decided no. Maybe I'll give a group of 5, 4 tokens each. First I liked the prior. But, later I liked the latter. And now it's even later, and each of the following entries is awarded 4 tokens.]
Subj: Pi Symbol?
From: SIM Being
There is a small little Thing in the top Right corner of the Interactivities window. I clicked on it holding down the shift key thinking that it was a pi symbol but it did not bring me to the mainframe system of the gate keeper program. Hey it worked in the movie.

(SIM Being)

From: ScorpioAsh
You know what i enjoy using as often as possible? "as balls" after any fittin adjective. My personal favorites are "cool as balls" and "dumb as balls". Incessant use of this annoys the hell outaa my friends. It just amuses me to no extent.
From: MaLkNoX420
I was at Dragon*Con and this guy said "Hi" so I said "'Allo", and I don't have an accent, it just slipped out, but the guy stopped short and said, "Do I detect a British accent?" and I wanted to lie and fake it but I didn't have the guts so I just said, "No, I'm from South Carolina." it really doesn't matter 'cause he was dorky and I wasn't trying to flirt, but I still wish I had had the guts to try and fake it.

...i hate it when people list affils, don't you?
Subj: Re: What's all this?
From: NetRacer01
So I am female, and I am talking to another female, and she tells me that when I get married she wants to be my best man. And I wonder about that. And I wonder about her. But mostly, I just wonder.
Subj: What kind of sick mind would write this crap??
From: MitchRK
Um, hello. My favorite color is, ummm, like, red--no, purple. No, wait, it's brown, only not like brown like other people mean it, but like a special brown that looks like another color but isn't, you know? Brown. No, wait, I think it's actually like a dark orange, which may actually be brown. Hmmmmmm. I think it's brown, but it may be some other color. Never mind. I like blue, also, but it sometimes looks silly, you
know, like it's wrong or something. I hate it when it looks wrong, unless it makes it look, like, cool and stuff. I like eggs. So, wanna have sex?
Subj: Re: SENIORITIS 101
From: Snazzproof
um lesse what did i do during my senior year while i suffered from senoritis. Oh i know i counted the dots on the ceiling of all my classrooms and when i was really bored i read the dictionary. I counted leaves on trees. yea thats what i did and i still passed. ps. there are 1, 648 dots on the ceiling of H32. Just thought id let you know. Cya Snazz ~B')

[Crakerz123 is coming away as the big winner this week-10 tokens. Crakerz invented this fun new game. Play along at home.]
Subj: Re: MARCH 4TH - Decision Day
From: Crakerz123
I hate the new improved piece of ____. I'm gonna shove this game up someone's ___. I hope you _______ go straight to ____. Change this ____ game back.

((Fill in the Blanks))

[That's it. Go home now.]