Jenny:   The   Anomaly

Okay, yer probably wondering why I care so much about Jenny, and her special references and all that blather. Well, Jenny is special fer a very odd reason. And ta understand it, we should start from da beginning. When I was breeding norns, i realized i needed more diversity. So i hatched a hatchery egg, planning fer a norn with no defects. I mean, it WAS from da hatchery after all.Anyway, Jenny hatched, and she looked a lot like her ancestor from before the crash. White haired, white tailed norn with brown eyes.So i named her after her non existant ancestor, and expected the same qualities. But when she hatched she wandered out, ate several carrots,and i tended to her every need. She was perfectly happy. Then I noticed something wrong. Something very wrong.

Jenny's health was dropping like a rock.

I immediantly checked fer diseases, anything peculiar that would cause it. nothing. jenny looked at me with a happy smile. i wondered about it fer about another 30 minutes. Then i looked at her age, and I noticed that she was about 40 minutes old. I looked at Jenny. She was still crawling like an infant. I looked at her brain, and thought she might not have a very large experience with da world. So i decided that jenny needed ta go around da world. I got her a couple of bottles of happy juice (see my COB page) and sent her on her way. Her health dropped rapidly without everything in da garden. i hurried her ta da music room and told her ta "push music". jenny knew da words from da SST(super speech toy) and she immediantly began to play the drum, something I found very funny. She began ta become a great fan of da drum, and played it alot. Then, ta my happiness, she became a child. But being a child did not solve her health problem. I gave her hootch, carrots, strawberry milkshakes, everything. nothing helped. Then, soon i found that milk could boost her energy supply.Not like Happy Juice, but it was an improvement. Maybe Jenny needs more calcium. I didn't know.

But da Saddest part of Jenny's life was yet to come.

Jenny suddenly aged into an adult. i exported her so she wouldn't die. I was mucking about my files when i saw her. And i saw Aaron the Purple mountain norn's file. i decided to take a chance. i imported Aaron, raised him and taught him all the words, and then i imported Jenny. I hoped Jenny wouldn't die upon importation. i pressed the import norn button. Jenny was crouched beside the elevator. Noooo! I thought, don't let her die of Import Sickness! Jenny blinked a few times, and stood up. Phew! I was relieved. I gently guided the two norns together. Jenny stared at Aaron. Aaron stared at Jenny. And both of da norns smiled happily. it was love at first sight. Oh how happy Jenny was not to be alone anymore! Aaron was everything she had ever dreamed of having. Then one day,Aaron wandered about and found a tomato vendor. He filled himself up on the sweet fruit and then came back, and leading Jenny by the hand, let her at da sweet tomatoes. Jenny enjoyed herself eating da tomatoes. Jenny's health was dropping, but mysteriously, not as fast as before. perhaps she was lonely? I would never find out. Before i knew it there was a Smoooooooooch-POP! of a mating. Uh oh! What if Jenny's pregnant? What if she passes on da weird mutation to her child? I checked. Aaron and Jenny were happily staring at each other. "Push norn" *smooch* "Stop norn" *smack* "Ow!" "No Aaron" "Ow!" "pull norn" *smooch* *tickle* "giggle" *smooch smooch* "Aaron run norn" "Jenny come norn" "push norn" *smooch*. Basically they were enjoying themselves. i looked at Jenny's Fertility, and ta my amazment, she was gonna have a baby norn. Not that this was a bad thing, but i worried if her child would suffer as she did. i decided that because of Jenny's ailment, she needed extra special care. I knew that Jenny would not survive with Aaron distracting her from important functions as eating and sleeping. Jenny was about to give Aaron a kiss when he suddenly dissapeared. Jenny was confused.

"come norn".

I had exported Aaron to save her life.

Jenny gave me the most heartbreaking look that could come from a norn. Boy did i feel bad. But I took good care of Jenny, and soon she had her child. it was a small girl, who looked nothing like her mother, but had her father's legs.

Jenny didnt care.

She sat down and looked sad, her health dropping faster then ever. I exported her, she would distract her baby. i raised her child, taught it everything, and exported it. I missed Jenny. I imported her, and she survived. I watched her lope around depressed. I decided that i would let Jenny die of old age. But I didn't want Jenny to die alone. I imported the only norn she ever loved.


I imported Aaron, expecting nothing unusual.Aaron stood near da elevator. He stumbled a few steps, then collapsed. His eyes closed.He gave a sad whimper. I stared at him in horror.

Aaron was dead.

I tried ta keep Jenny away, i feared the sight would traumatize her. but despite my best efforts, Jenny found a way to the elevator near da incubator, and stared at her dead mate.

"Push norn"

She gave him a kiss.

"Run norn"

Aaron did not move.

"Run norn"

He was still unmoving.

"Push norn"


She gave me a horrible confused sad look, and stared at Aaron.

"Jenny scared"

"Jenny push norn"


"Jenny push norn"

*smack*. No cry of pain came from Aaron.

"Jenny lonely."

"Jenny push norn"


"Jenny sad"

That was all I could stand. I exported Jenny so i could not hear her sad lament. but I know somewhere, no matter how old, or how sick, or how happy, Jenny would always remember Aaron and cry fer him. Months later, I tried to bring out another male fer Jenny. All she said was "run norn" and would run away from the imposter. Jenny's poor heart was broken. And Jenny never recovered. Jenny never fergot her mate. She never fergot da happy days they spent together. Da days when Aaron would speak ta her, and kiss her, and love her. Da days when they beat up da grendel. Da days when they would eat honey together. Da days when they would ride together in da lift, kissing And Da unfergettable day when they found da tomatoes. And Aaron's last day alive. Jenny was never da same. And Neither was I. I make backups of every norn now, but i know i's too late. I can't bring Aaron back. I can't recreate him. i can't show Jenny that da hand can do everything. I know now. And i know too late. I know no matter what norn, i cannot replace Aaron. Jenny would never ferget.

If ya wanta help Jenny heal her heart or her disease, ya can download her from my norns page. But da saddest chapter of her life is past. And There is nothing I can do.

Jenny's counting on ya.

Jenny has been thought about times.

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