The Age When Jamies Ruled

[During the glorious age of the Jamies there existed a Random thread which discussed the greatness of Jamies. I believe it is the first thread to reach 100 replies without a mention of reaching the 100 post plateau. It was truly a special time in our Random history.]

[As one of the symbols of what the age of Jamies stood for, JamiJR gets 5 tokens for being herself.]
Subj: Don't you hate it when.......
From: JamiJR
-You have only 1 verse from a song stuck in your head? "Working in a coal mine going down down down, working in coal Oops! About to slip down!"

-Someone online starts to flirt with you and you find out they're a teenager of the same sex you are?

-People can't seem to grasp the idea that you're role-playing and keep asking if you're a real vampire or werewolf?

-You're a female with good sized breasts (C-cup) and the only time men look at your chest is when you wear a shirt with writing on it?

-Feminists get po'd at you for making a comment like the one I just did?

-Your dog gets more attention then you?

-You wake up?

Jami JoAnne Russell (The Pink Gomer)
(^_^) the Phantom of the Opera rules!
\{vV^^^^Vv}/ Vampires are cool!
I love Lestat de Lioncourt!!!!!!!

[Within the population of Jamies there was also a population of Gomers who pleasured themselves by insulting Nyellos. 5 tokens to Nyello for being as scary as expected, and for perhaps being a Gomer himself.]
Subj: Things that I have learned from my own expieriences
From: Nyello
A flaming duck is not a hat.

Atempting to inhail a cat is futile.

Man, those nine-volt batteries sure do pack an awsome buzz.

Never walk up to an old man, bury your face in his bosum and vibrate your lips making a "TTTTTHHHHHUUUUPPPPPP" sound.

He's that guy with the strapping looks! He glides so nicely through the air! His butt just can't be beat! His smile is so warm and tender! He has many a lover and gigantic pecs! He's Nyello, Nyello, Nyello, Nyello and his signature is too long!!!!!!!!

[The next 2 authors have nothing in common with the Age of Jamies or with Gomers and Nyellos, so 10 tokens to Krazy and ScooBee.]
Subj: krazykrazykrazykrazy
From: Krazyk242
beware. monkeys love to feed on the kidneys of the insane. It is only a matter of time until they come for the random game...................
From: Krazyk242

5) Fat people are warm and squishy inside. However, unlike the Pillsbury Dough Boy, they do not like to be poked. How's that for poppin fresh?

4) Fungus is actually alive. Be afraid.

3) I said it once and I'll say it again. Rat eyed poodles are the devil's spawn. Especially ones named Fifi or Fluffy.

2) Those who think least are laughed at most. That may explain the giggles you hear behind your back.

1) The Random Game is good. Eht Modnar Emag is bad. I hope not to see submitted as an entry again. You know who you are.
Subj: Random Thoughts! a dollar a pound!
From: Krazyk242
Scientists have now proven that snow is the only material in the world that is whiter than Micheal Jackson.

The K stands for insanity.
Subj: Re: Why aren't there . .
From: ScooBee3
I think ABrEyedGirl was set up to fool us all. Exactly 2000 tokens? Very suspicious. Like a carrot in front of a donkey, we look at ABrEyedGirl at the top of the list and think "that could be me. it could happen!"

"I'm going to get you Dorothy, and your little dog too!"
From: ScooBee3
First, the left hand joke: great cat sex fear: wasted water!

Now, the right: milk, pop? hop on mom.

"I'm going to get you Dorothy, and your little dog too!"
Subj: Test your RG knowledge
From: ScooBee3
It's always important stretch your mind every now and again, here is an opportunity.

First a little True or False to get you warmed up.

1) Ms. Darkfont is a minor deity.
2) Tocadisco has a nice butt.
3) A cool post to The Random Game is "emaG modnaR ehT"
4) "Sucks" is a vastly underrated word.
5) Carcazoid.

For the next set of questions,
"a :: b c :: d" means "a is to b what c is to d."
Example: The pitcher is to baseball what the quarterback is to football.

6) Random Thoughts :: KrazyK242 Deep Thoughts :: ?
7) The Random Game :: Our fragile egos Modern civilization :: ?
8) Cheese :: (insert your name here) Spam :: ?
9) HO Myrrh :: Steve Case BloodGuilt :: ?

Lastly, no test is complete without an essay question.

10) In 300 words or less, describe how the change in The Random Game format has
destroyed your life.

To grade your test, ask your neighbor what s/he got. If you answered differently, you're
right, because you rule, and your neighbor needs to get a life.

[Hey ScooBee, is that 0 at the end of your post a secret symbol of Jamies? Hmm, you better take your tokens before I change my mind. Now, I'm not sure what the following people have to do with this Age either. But, the HOPD will get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, 6 tokens to each.]
Subj: Re: MY nipple... talk about it... touch it... be the nipple...
From: Lavoris49
Just for future reference, if this ever comes up: please, don't any of you ever ask to lick my nipple. Thank you.

"So, what if I'm a moron -- what do you have to show for it?"
room room room roomL49 room room room room<---- mouthwash molecules
Subj: Dirichlet Series and Modular Functions in Number Theory
From: KELudwick
Right now, right this very second in fact, I am supposed to be reading about Modular Functions and Dirichlet Series in Number Theory. It's heavy mathematical mumbo-jumbo, with lots of imaginary numbers, Mobius transformations, and elliptic functions involved. Painful as that sounds, though, I'm here because this is even *more* painful, to me, and I'm a hard-core self-loathing masochist.

You know what? My life can only get better from here. Yeah, me!

P.S. Is this garbage random enough? I have no idea...
P.P.S. Squirrel. Pistachio. Yanni. Albequerque. (There, that should help.)
Subj: Eggs, Cheese, and BLOOD!!!
From: Catterly
When the eggs and the cheese are co-existing, the snakes shall rise from the dead and take the souls of our second born all must do my bidding or suffer the wrath of the "Toenail clippers of doom!!!"
Subj: This is a test...
From: Carcazoid
This is a test of The Emergency Random Game System.

*Do not pass gas, do not collect 200 donuts.*

This was a test of The Emergency Random Game System.

If this had been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed where to put your head and what to kiss goodbye.

This has been a test of The Emergency Random Game System...

Carcazoid...don't forget your cheese
Subj: Legal Notice (Our Lawyers made us say it)
From: GCotton157
No part of this stuff can be reproduced, duplicated, copied, or transferred by any means or methods including but not limited to electronic; mechanical; video taping; still photography (in color or black and white) at any film size or speed; graffiti; urinating in the snow (in cursive or printing); Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) (knowingly or unknowlingly); Telekniesis; or any metaphysical or spiritual means (known or unknown); through smoke
signals; opera; interpretive dance; limmericks; hiaku; sign language; or by recording, etching, engraving, burning, embossing, and/or carving into,or onto, stone, glass, concrete, pin heads, wood, totem poles, metal (including, but not limited to gold, silver, lead, platinum, and steel) or any other animate or inanimate object (living or dead) - with out the express written permission of a majority of stockholders in this company and it
subsidaries, agents, and vendors, and your own personal God (living, dead, and/or just there).

Subj: Re:
From: NetRacer01

ELECTRONS!!! I love them! I am going to marry a tall dark hansome electron one day. I hope it is soon!!! I will worry about the sexual side of our relationship later...
Subj: Absolute Truth
From: Puck3
There is no reason for this to be posted. Hence, it shall be posted. Ahh... irony in chaos. Only in the Random Game.

The Puck
*Sacrelicious obnoxiousism*
"3 kinds of people in this world: those who can count and those who can't."

[It seemed only natural, after all the anger of last week, that this week would be filled with love, and that it was. But, what's next? Well be aware and congratulations to this week's winners.]