DDR Arrows, yo.

My   Links   (not   chain...well   maybe)

Here are da links ta some neat sites I have gathered from da web. Enjoy...Bwa ha ha ha....(note:please ignore typos. It was really late when i made this page)


Yes, I actually check ALL of these. There are so many I've had ta break em up by day in my Fav list. But here they all are just fer ya.

Chopping Block: Let a smile be your umbrella...so Butch can slit your throat.Tsunami Channel: I love this. I like the Professor and Konstantin. RPG World: Cause it's so true.Annie The Hardcore Gamer: I'm a gaming dork.The Suburban Jungle: I'm also a furry dork.Mac Hall: Digimon Porn!Oldskooled: Never updates, but has its moments. Bite Me: This is great.Return to Sender: Kooky and great.Sabrina Online: I've been followin this fer ages.River City High: I loved this game.Writers Block: Formerly Self-Insert.Exploitation Now: Nudity, but there's SOME plot!Starsomething: Cause I love everythin Ian does.Jackie's Fridge: I love da style.Cute Wendy: PENIS!
Hengeyokai: Changing Spirit: Never updates, but hilarious. And graphic.8-Bit Theater: I love this.Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures: Great stuff.
Faux Pas: This is so cute!Sinfest: Oh yeah.Ozy and Millie: I've been followin this guy fer ages.

Penny Arcade: I'm a tool.The Class Menagerie: Very complex furryness.President ASS! : This is funny fer all da wrong reasons.Owlie! : I can't help myself.
Glamour Lust: Sexy gay faeries! What more could ya ask fer?Hell Sweet Hell: I love da style.

Eversummer Eve: Dear god SO GOODDedos: I like Dedos, so sue me.Iancomix: These are great. I love Ian's work.
Schoolbooks and Brimstone: These are so good! Never updates tho.Arcana: SO PRETTY ::dies::

Purple Pussy: I'm not proud.
Dragon Boy: This is so bizarre, but hilarious.
Academic Probation: Never updates, but quite funny anyway.

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Link Links

This gets really weird. Make sure ya read both sides of da story.
The Belfry Webworks
A great place fer stories about really neat furry things.
Overclocked Remix
This is da BEST site fer Videogame Remixes.
VG Mix
And OC's close companion. ALL SO GOOD.
A site TOO wacky ta miss.
Okay, i admit this too. I love da realm. it's a geat game. Give it a try.
The Norn Underground
This is one of my alltime favorite sites. i got some of my COB's from here. Lummoxjr's site.
This is a great place ta get furry pictures! Really wonderful.
Gaming Force Audio
Another Video Game music place. Guess what my Mp3 list is mainly made of?
Metroid Database
Da authorative Samus site. Fer Samus obsessees such as myself.
The Mushroom Kingdom
Fer anythin and everythin Mario.
Fer great flash videos.
Fer everythin Earthbound.
The Kill Everyone Project
Come and help out.
Hunt da Wumpus
I smell a wumpus....
Acts of Gord
Fear the Gord.
Japanese Engrish
Ducks do wear the duck down
I love X-E. I dunno how long I've been readin it now.
Fat Chicks in Party Hats
Don't go. Seriously.
Id Music
Da BEST place fer Dancemania or Dance Dance Revolution related Mp3's. ^_^
Exploding Dog
This is far too cool.
Probing the Membrane of Science with Professor Membrane!
My poor, insane son.
Tanais Tells Stories
I always loved Stories.
I find this way funnier then I have any right too. ^_^
The Pages of Now and Forever
Starcontrol II is one of da greatest games of all time.
Cause I love Lovecraft. And this is way too much fun.
Zany Videogame Quotes