My   "Really   Neat"   Norns

These are my norns. I raised them myself, mainly. Diablo i downloaded. Some of these are interesting crossbreeds, like Janice, a cross between Jenny, a white haired, white tailed norn with an unknown illness, and a purple mountain norn named Aaron, who died sadly afterwards. Not ALL Purple Mountain Norns are immortal. Anyway, Janlo came from a white haired white tailed male norn called Bibble and a Purple Mountain Norn named Sandy. Lately I put up my norn's complete family tree.Anyway, here they are, with their parents. My norns. (clap clap clap)Also, on a lighter note, pictures of these norns can be found on Da Norn Pics page. In case ya wanna know what they look like. If I get a favorable response, i may include their pictures with da file. I mean, they are....Da norns....

Da Norns

Her was gentically made an altered to like plants and generally take care of herself.
Drago's Mother-father: Alexis and Diablo. Deep brown norn. Very nice looking.
Jack's Mother-father: Sandy and Diablo. had da body of a purple mountain norn, and his fathers head and arms and legs.
Jenny da Anomaly. See her site fer details. Mother-Father: none (first generation)
Yup. Not just fer norns anymore, now i got a grendel! Yes, a grendel. Yes I KNOW they're dangerous, but this one knows all da words. not like that'll change anything.
Mother/father: Sheena and Tobias.Her life force hasn't dropped past 86%.She gets bored and unhappy easily.I don't think she's immortal. She can also play catch with any bouncing food.She's vegetarian.
mother\father:Amy and Unknown. Tobias, much ta my surprise, is a masochist. He hurts himself for wlaking left into a wall. then he says "Tobias hurt". Very odd....
I needed ta breed Her so i could see if her children would get da genes. i bred her with one of my weirdest norns. Lark's mother-father: Her and Jack.
I bred Sandy and Foxy to get this. She's cute!
I bred Sandy with a blue norn named Gismo. This is da result.

These norns have been cuddled times.