You've laughed at my silly thoughts times.

Blah!   Blah   I   say!

I had two really cute pictures of PRozac da Lips (look up)and I couldn't decide.(look down) Who says indecision is bad? anyway, this is just a page fer my ta be silly. So I can let it out. So, anyway... Cookie. COOKIE! CoOoOoOOoOoOOOOOookie. Cooky? COokie? COoky? cooky! Yum yum yum yum yum yummyummers! I love cookies! Hee hee hee....ya know, i bet ya won't know that I have new pages will ya? Well, i'll just hafat beat it inta ya! (thwack) (thwack) Glad ya came ta yer senses. Anyway....anyway anyway anyway anyway.... hmmm...mmmm....mmmm mmm better! Jeex I;m reciting weird things now... DELVE INTA DA MIND OF ZARLA! (nrrrrwiiooommm) help! We've reached immergency level! Make fer crash landing! (ta be continues when i feel silly again!) Bontiki Bontiki! EGG! Okay. I'm back. i'm more...depressed. I have been rejected from an archive. ya know da pictures on my page? Well, i sent those in's still too painful ta think about what they said. It was really horrible. but I bet ya don;t really care about me or MY feelings do ya? NOOOooOOOoo....ya just wanna come here ta take my COB's, download my norns, look at my pictures, use my links, and expect me ta sit her and say nothin. Well, Foo on ya! I can say what I want here! And I'm depressed! And wheren yer depressed after a night of insomnia ya ge ANGRY! Very angry! I feel really bad right now. I could use yer condolences. But noooo....Im a complete stranger right? How could YA make ME feel better? Well, just.... sigh...I don't wanna talk anymore....... Mkay, I had about 4 and a half hours of sleep now, and i feel much better. but I hav nearly gone NUTS trying ta put all those links on every page! AARGGGHHH! "She died of a broken lung sir." "Lungs can't break!" "Don't tell me what ta do." la de da la deed da da la la la la la la la la la. La lalala lalalala! Name that tune! Doo doo doo dada doo doo! Doo! To do da do, ya must become da do. Do ya need ta remember ta breathe? thus it is da same with doo. Doo da dew! Dew! Nyew! Nyewrooooowm! Pow! ha ha ha ha! i'm in first!ha! HA! Uh's da egg police of Fire Mountain! Oh no! Ah HA! Tiptup come here! I need an egg! Pow! ha ha ha! My egg now! Uh come da egg police! i needa hide! Tiptup! gimme yer nest! ha ha ha....Hey tiptup, looks like ya just dropped a egg in yer nest. Snatch! ha ha ha ha! Crak! that takes care of yer eggs tiptup! Another success fer Conker! Uh ohh....da egg police are on my tail! Pipsy! i didn't mean it! I was just borrowin it! POw! Aiie!! i'm hit! I'll needa hide in yer nest Timber! Hee hee! Looks like ya got an egg Timber. Mine now! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!Egg! Crak! Gotcher egg! Bwa ha ha ha ha! Hey! Someone stole my egg! Get back her Tiptup, that's MINE! MWa ha ha ha! Meow Meow! Bark bark! Blah de blah de blah! JOICE! Appa Joice! Drink yer appa joice! Why, She drank all our bubbly! Oh no! What shall we do without bubbly to compliment our fishsticks and french fries and creampuffs? Me SEEEEEESSSSS ya! Bwa ha ha ha ha! Hooky hooky! Loky looky! Shagadelic! Is Minx really a woid? I think mink is, but not minx. Oddddddddddd.........Puella de Vulpes! hee hee hee! Bloobloobloooblloooooooboooooboooooooop! ha ha ha! Donatello, take that! Pow! Sock! Shccccrroooom! Ahhh! He's got me in his headlock! Me doomed! DOOOMMMMEMEEEEEEEEDDDDD!!!!! Anwaysers, blah blah blah! yakiiy yakkity smackity! Sooooopoooadddddd! doo...ah doowy do wah! Lalala lalalalalala! Chococobo! Chococobo! WARK! WARK! Ooooohhh... Bip is ahead by a neck, but Bop ,Bap, and Boop are close behind, followed by Bup and Bep! And.....Oh wow folks! This is amazing! Bangle, da Green chococobo, has taken da lead! Wow! Those names of my chococobos are again Bap, Bep, Bip, Bop, Bup, Boop, and Bangle! Run Bangle Run! Yee hee he e hee hee hee heee! Oh no! Lake Tsoda popka overflowed! Whatever shall we Dooooooooo.... Dum de dum....haven't been here in a while. Oh well, not that I really care. what happens when ya get silly block? I can't think of anythin silly! Gasp gasp gasp! but Who really cares? ME! BA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! i wonder.....a lot. I wonder....a spot. A spot? I didn't know spot was a unit of tme measurement? Did ya? I sat here fer a spot....hey! What about tick? Stay here fer a tick, I'll be right back! What's that supposed ta mean anyway? Are ya gonna give em fleas or somethin? Unless yer a very not nice host, yer not gonna give someone fleas! Unless, ya really can't help it, hypothetically. Say, Hypothetically, that da boss comes over, and ya accidentally give him fleas! Whaddya do? I dunno... I mean, hypothetically, I don't know. Phew. Again I'm here. A gain A GAIN OF STRENGTH FROM BEIN HERE AND BEIN WEIRD! Well, anyway, I like da new title, and I like my new stuff. 'cept I's GOIN CRAZY! I been tryin ta do my Furcadia page FEREVER! AAAAAAAAAA! Well, anyway, hypothetically, say, yer stuck with a dozen pics and yer real tired. Whaddya do? Well, I'll tell ya what I do! I GO WRITE WEIRD STUFF! Gosh, I never realized how much of my typing is affected by sleep deprivation. Well, I don't think so....I think I can do jujst find ewithou sleep I din need sleep, I'm fgine. perfectly fine....I can ytupe just as good as I fould with hem I awak. I don't need ya oe anyone else ta twell me ta go ta sleep 1i I can write wheaternever da heck I wanna here and ya can't stip me! Try and make me o ta sleep! Just rey! Hey...put that malley down... *BONK* HEEEELLLLLO! I just hadda write ONE more thingy in this thingy before I go ta Lake Tahoe fer a REALLY LONG TIME. And I probably won't edit this paragraph when I come back either. So Don't expect ME ta do any REAL work. Yeah yeah, it's always "Zarla do this" "Zarla this link isn't workin" "Zarla yer page gave me Pneumonia" Well, It ain't MY responsibility. This is MY page, and I run it da way I want, and none a ya YAHOOES can make me change! Nya! BWA HA HA HA HA HA! Hengeyokai! Kitsune! I think da Kitsune are cool. They gain a tail when they get experience! They're rare tho, and are hard ta find in Werewolf:da apocalypse. But they're SOOOO NEAT! BLAH BLAH BLAH! Yer probably not even reading this! I bet ya just SKIP THIS PAGE ALTAGETHER! Admit it! Yer such a LIAR! Don't deny it! I know YER da one who spilled Bubbly all over da dog! I'm tellin mom! WEll, I guess what they say is true, I could never spend my life with a man like ya, I could never be yer woman! I found that CD taday, it's neatos! I tried playin King's Quest: Mask of Eternity too and got stuck. Darn it, this KQ8 is nothin like da other ones, and it's confoozles me. And who is this Conner guy, anyway? And when is Quest fer Glory 5 comin out? And why am i askin myself all these rhetorical questions. Perhaps, it's because I'm a dingbat. But then again, maybe not. FOOO! I USE MY ECHOLOCATION TA FIND YAAA, CAUSE I BE A DINGBAT! Perhaps so. Anywayzers...did ya know ya can add zers on da end of any word and most of da time it would still make sense? Sensezers. Sneezers. Catzers. Dogzers. Mouszers. Wordzers. ZERZERZER. YOYOYO, HOMESKILLET, ALL IS GOOD! Whee! Darn it, I spend too much time at da Random Game... Ha ha ha ha! They FINALLY came out with Quest fer Glory 5! Da first time I typed that, I typed Quest fer Glody! Ha ha! Glody, where are ya? Speak ta me, my loyal hand puppet! Speak, I command ya! BWA HA HA HA HA HA! Da hand puppet says...shhh, quiet, I'm tryin ta listen! GOSH DARN IT BE QUIET! DON'T YA PEEPS FOLLOW ORDERS!?! Oh look, ya made da tamata cry! How mean of ya schnoozles! Oh yeah...A Zazzer and a Canky make two inna Zoola! A ZAZZER AND A CANKY MAKE TWO INNA ZOOLA! ZAZZZZZ! I think there was someone called Zaz once...Oh yeah! IN Starcontrol, which I never actually beat. Got pretty far with Zerg, but never ACTUALLY beat it. Tsky tsky on me. Anyone got MOnster Rancher toooo? I ranch da monsters! I monster da ranch! BWA HA HA HA! Joke! Did I ever tell ya about da time when my cuz's furby went insane and started makin crazy noises? I did? Darn. It also didn't like da light. ::dodges shoe:: Okay, okay! I'll stop talkin about da looney furby! Did ya know my foorbie says "Black Materia, Ha ha ha!" He must be possessed, but by whom I have no ideas! Udea. EDEA! IDEA!!! IDAAAAAADEE! Da da Dee dee dee doh doh doh! Dee dee doo doo doh! Deedle deedle deedle deedledeedee dada deedle dee dee deee da doh! HA HA HA HA! Anyboody know where that be from? Anybooty? AnyBOOBY! Da mama booby, da daddy booby, and da baby booby! They're all livin da Boooby life! BWA HA HA HA! There's Psyduck, then there's Psychoduck, then there's a DangertahimselfandsocietyDuck! I think I'm da last one! Boy, could I cause some damage if I could get out of this death trap they call a brain. Oh, they SAY it helps me think, but I'm onta their scheme...their part of da PILLAR'S PLAN! NO, NOT DA CATTAPILLER! YER MISSIN DA POINT! ARRRRGGH!H! Ta quote Zornog..."AHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHAQHAA!" Try sayin THAT outloud, sir Ternader-O-Lot, and see if THAT lights up yer cigar! It better, cause I got that from Cuba and it's EXPLODADIBBLE! I cannot talk. Or type fer that matter. I called a signature a Fruit once. WHAT'S WITH THAT? That's just plain...fruity. Or nutty. Or filled with creamy goodness fer all I care. I do believe, my good sir, that I am as nutty as a cashew, and I'M GOIN BACK TA CHINA AND THERE'S NOTHIN YA CAN DO ABOUT IT, SO SUCK ON THAT, OLD MAN! That sounds more bad then I meant it ta be. Ya know what annoys me? When peeps say "My bad." GOD I HATE THAT! I WOULD JUST LIKE TA TAKE THEIR LITTLE BAD AND SHOVE IT UP THEIR....crumpet. But I'm quoting someone else here, so that's totally irrevelant. And sometimes, I can't help but wonder if their really is a book. And if there is, if I am it. I am book. I am a certified book/apple. Or either really.Or either not. Or therefore, I think. No wait...I something, therefore I am. Darn! How did it go? I something, therefore I am. What is wrong with my brayns? Isn't it annoyin when peeps type lIkE tHiS? I hAtE ThAt! BuT wHy CaN't I sToP dOiN iT? There, it stopped. My flow of craziny typin has completly been dammed up! DAMMED UP! DAMMED UP I SAY! AND YA SIR, ARE A IGNORAMOOOSE! Now don't go there! Why not? It's a nice, lovely land! It's full of flowers and marmalade skies... aOH NO! BLUE MEANIES! RUN! RUN! Is it just me, or is everythin all centered and turny and weird and loony and twisty and curly and crud like that? Moe, Curly and Joe? What were da stooges name, anyway? Cagey Stooges! Ride da Happy-Go-Pukey, get yer head ripped off by a Gargoyle! Dang, Blood is fun! Spork, I wanna be like Kevin, Lara Croft, Tequila, Krueger, and ya got yerself a DEATH MACHINE! WOOOO! What does Clarice do, anyway? Wolfenstein 3-D...da ultimate in insensitivity. ^_^ Shoot some Nazi's! That game is so evilly fun. DIE, FUHRER, DIE! I thinks I need ta lay off da Sour Cream and Onion Pringles and da violent games fer a teensy weensy bit...and then da pot of puddin fell over and scalded her ta death.

If   Ya   wanna...

Don;t think of this da wrong way. this is just ta say, if ya wanna tell me how weird I am, contact me at That's Same bat time, same bat channel. And Please...Don't ask what i've been smoking. I haven't caught on fire lately and i'm very p...proud.. AUUUGHH! GET A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!!! HELP!