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That's right new. Changed. Blah dee blah dee blah. Ya get da picture. This thing changes every once in a while (gasp gasp gasp). yer probably wondering, why not put this whole thin on da first page? Well, why have it on another page, when i can have one more? Anyway,here we gooo! as Mario would say.

Creation (of page, doofus)

December 29th, 1997 (or around that day i ferget. it was late.)

Finish of structure of page

December 30st, 1997 (really late!)

Latest Update

Next Update: Feblueberry 23th!

Art update. And then nothing happened. Then two days ago I got this Otaku mascot program, and thus produced a ton of mascots. Or at least, that's what it seems like ta me. They take a lot more work then ya might think. Yeah.
Jeez. Six years. Unbelievable. ::can't get over how old this page is:: At least, I think that's six years. Maybe it's five. Either way, it's ludicrous I tells ya.

Updates Starting with Oldest

January 1st, 1998 (happy new year!)

Added Carrot's In Water story. 6 (I think) more COB's in Cob place. This page was made. Added da pretty picture page. Changed da picture on da Norn page. made a few minor changes in text here and there. Added a picture ta da Random Things page.(I think da picture fits). Seriously considered giving Da Norn Hatchery descriptions fer each. norn. Stilll considering...mmm....Nope. Not now. Added "Silly Things" page. I wonder why everyone doesn't HAVE one of these. Added REALLY REALLY REALLY important announcement on da COB page! I...uh...fergot ta put it there da first time....(boy, I'm embarrassed) Added another paragraph ta "Silly things". Fixed a mistake on da random page where some text wasn't appearing. Put Links on almost every page ta every other page. Put a counter on Jenny's Story and Oddballz. Added a few more lines ta "Silly Things". Got insomnia and made all these changes. (it happens)

Next update: January 5th, 1998

Added "Norn Pics page" (finally!) Removed Bubflib from Norn page(first generation male. He was pretty useless).

Next update: January 6th, 1998

Decided that it would take far less time and space if i changed da norn ".exp" files ta ".zip" files. Changed "Exp" ta "Zip" (see above) Added Adk'ugfh ta my Norn page. Adk'ughf has been bred chemically by a grendel named Grendel and a norn named...Janice I think. He should be a little different. He also knows a wide variety of words! Wondered how ta put Adk'ughf's picture on da Norn picture site. Wished that i could stay up all night again, but vacation's over. (nuts!)

Next Update: January 7th

Added Adkughf's picture ta da Norn picture site. Added Angel's picture ta da Furry pictures site. Hopefully made some working links fer the two images. Added another COB ta da COB page.

Next Update: January 14th

Added Tobias, the Masochist norn, and Tamlin, a odd norn whose life force HAS never dropped below 86%, can play catch with carrots, and gets bored VERY easily. She's also vegetarian. Tobias was her father.(yes he IS an adult) Working on my first genetically altered norn, Her.( She's called Her because she is a test tube norn one of my friends made and fergot, and i didn't care if i messed her up. A fitting test subject.) I added some more pictures ta furry pictures. Working on a story called: Tobias the Fergotten. I should be done soon. Added another COB. Also added a thing necessary ta use COB's, CobCom by LummoxJr.

Next Update: January 19th

Finished testing Her, she's now available fer download. Also, i bred Her with Jack, my Purple mountain norn/Regular norn mix. Lark, their child, can be seen on da norn picture page, da family tree page (dancing) and in other places. Yes, lark really is dancing. Have'nt finished Tobia's story, but am working on more animated norns. Stay tuned...

Next Update: January 24th

Added Fanny and Bubdaa, two odd looking norns. Fanny was crossbred with a ron norn and a Purple mountain norn. BubDaa was crossbred with a blue norn and a purple mountain norn. Pictures of da children and their parents can befound on da latest edition of da norn family tree. Changed da family tree by filling in da gaps, changing some pictures, fixing da colore added da new norns. (hopefully) got Tobia's story up. Finished another animated norn, but wondered where ta put it. got rid of Alexis. i have Alexis' children on my norn page. I don't need her. She wasn't really remarkable. But her legacy lives on as her picture sport around my page. Added the next chapter of Jenny's tragic life. Her dead mate, Aaron. Added another paragraph ta Silly things. Finally! Added da awards page, fer winning or giving awards. Added da opinions page, my thoughts about da video game wars...

Next Update: January 25th

Began working on and applying fer some cyberpets. Added some more links on my links page.

Next update: January 29th

Finishing up da structure of my Cyberpetz page, waiting fer me fairies, moogle, and cabbit. Added a guestbook which Ozma22 kindly provided. Thanks a lot Ozma! Began ta work on pages which have only HTML i wrote. Figured out how ta attach a link ta a picture. YIPPEE! Trying ta understand some more HTML so i can fiddle even more with my page. Stay tuned. Working on a story called Da ugly, da uglier, and Barbie. not related ta Barbie by Mattel, but a norn i crossbred which turned out ta look MONSTROUS! Maybe she'll be up fer download soon.

Next update: March 1st

Sorry i haven't been around! I went on vacation fer a while. Now I'm back. Anyway, I was PLANNING ta make a poems and neato phrases page, but my uploader ain't workin. Nutz. Finished working on me first HTML based webpage. Actually, i finished it a long time ago, but i was waiting fer my Cabbit, which never actually came. I'm sure it will soon. Found out my fairy i coulda put up anytime i wanted...::turns inta a sheep:: baa. And da moogle site has mysteriously dissapeared. Very odd. Pondered about if I made my OWN cyberpets fer adoption, what they would be. Any input? Tell me. Got insomia again. Luckily it...was...saturday....

Next Update : March 31st

Da gaps between updates get longer and longer....maybe EVERY web author faces it. Who knows. Anyway, I got 3 more megs of room on tripod! Now i can fit more usless drivel then ever! There was much rejoicing. Anyway, someone borrowed my Creatures CD, so I won't be dealing with that fer a while (sob:.() Ta make up fer it, my friend Foxxz on Aol.com sent me a telnet client! YAY! Now i could go on those MUCKS I heard so much about! Added the SPR Muck button (one o me favorites) on me front page,fixed a couple of broken links on my pictures page. I WISH I could draw again. Now my drawings on paper are getting better then da ones on da comp. Me losing me touch. Oh no! HElp! I needa scanner! Oh well.

Next update: April 5th

Hello again! I'm on vacation, and now i can stay up fer ALLLL hours again! Yippee! Anyway, edited a few Cyberpetz on me Cyberpetz page. Now it's niftier then ever! Added Selene's picture to da pics page. Hopefully will SOMEHOW reach a scanner. Ate some Tangy Taffy!(whoop whoopwhoopwhoop whoop whoop whoop!)As da page turned, I got happier! Fixed some links here and there. Did some MAJOR different things with me guestbook. Added two new pictures on da guestbook page, two guest book buttons, and a "View My Guestbook" Page! Unfortuanately, there's NO ENTRIES YET, but I'm sure there will be. So if yer reading this, PLEASE sign my guestbook!

Next Update: April 8th

Well, It's like 10:30 When I wrote this, so here. Anyway, put in motion a grand idea, a ODDBALLZ EGG HUNT!!! Yippee! What a cool idea! Woohoo! Got some entries in me guestybook, so me more happy now. da Current egg ta look fer is:PRozac's egg! Visit da egg hunt page fer details! Worked on updating my links on some pages, where the are outta date. Working on putting a oddballz egg on EVERYPAGE! Looky, here's all da eggs! <---------Dis Prozacs Egg! Worked allot on puttin Rainbow lines ALLLLLL Over da place! hee hee hee!

Next Update: April 29th

Hi again! Vacation is unfortuantl over...but I am sitll here! takes me longer and longer to edit my pages. Still haven't got my copy of Creatures back yet. Fixed a broken link around the pictures page, and working on fixing da Oddballz egg hunt. Some links are broken.

Next update: May 26th

Jeez I was gone fer a long time! I'm sorry I didn't fix da oddballz egg hunt! no doubt some of ya found da right egg, but couldn't clik on it because i hadn't finished the links yet! Anyway, the links are all right now,and it'll probably be around June 8th before I try this again. jeez! I love Midi's of all kinds. So I added some Midi links ta my links page! I also FOUND A SCANNER THAT WORKS! Expect soem half-way decent picies on da Pici page soon! YEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Next Update: July 20th (I think)

Well, another long pause before anything changed. Well, I added my new Unico page, devoted ta my favorite little Unicorn, and added some of those ChronoTrigger animated gifs around! I also plan on editing my Silly things page. I also have some transparent Totoro gifs I plan ta use SOMEWHERE, but I haven't figgered out where yet. Added that Mossflower game link, a Unico Button, and some other stuff that I can't remember now. My mind is shot from staying up till 6 in da mornin and sleepin till 3 in da afternoon. My birthday is coming up soon! August 11th ta be more exact, and hopefully someone will fix my scanner by that time! Around da beginnin of June, I tried yet again ta enter SCFA, which is now called Yerf. This time with scanned pics. I failed miserably again. Someday, I'll show em all!

Next Update: Some time around da end of August

Alright, I admit I dunno what day it is. But summer is drawin ta a close (sniff) Well, anyway, I FINALLY edited my page, revamping some stuff. Added a stories page fer easier access ta em, and am workin on a Furcadia page. Hopefully I added somethin ta da Silly Things page. I hopefully will get my shrine up ta a certain someone (sigh) from Magic Knights Rayearth, a neat Anime I watched. But I promised myself I would finish my Furcadia page first. (sigh)No sign of a workin scanner.

Next Update: Same day(quite a bit later)

Well, I finished my Furcadia page, and have several stories that are rarin ta go inta my stories page. Began lookin fer more Furcadia patches, and plannin out my Shrine.

Next update: Next day (Very late!)

Okay, I know taday is THURSDAY, and I'm leavin fer Tahoe on Friday. This gives me very little time ta edit my pages. I'll be gone fer quite a while, so don't expect very many updates until then. I did, however, add some stuff ta da Silly Things page, and organize my Creatures stuff a bit better. I added two new thingys ta da Story page, one of em is actually a story. Well, anyway, it's late, and I'm tired. I'll recall what I wrote tamarra. G'night! See ya soon.

Next Update: December 30th

Yay! It's my 1 year anniversary of my page! I'm back from a long hiatus, but now I'm back! And I got lotsa stuff ta catch up on, including my new found love fer Pokémon! Tripod was fiddling with it's tools, so i refused to go on it until they changed it back. But they did, and I'm happy. Edited the Furcadia page, and began working on my Pokémon page! Added a few pokémon fanfics to the story page, along with some other things. New pictures abound! Happy holidays everyone!

Next Update: January 24th

I'm back again! And this time with a whole bunch of new pics! I updated Zarla' History in da Stories page, and am adding random pictures of Pokémon around my site. Lately I've been obsessed with Pokémon, so I haven't had much time ta update these pages. I just caught Mewtwo! . Along with a few other rare Pokémon, like Pinsir (Caught taday!) and Articuno(caught a while ago)! Also, I was lucky and someone traded me another Eevee which I evolved into the last Eevee evolution I needed, Jolteon! I already had Flareon and Vaporeon So this solves my Eevee problems! Fer bigger version of these pics, check out the Pokémon Pics page! Planning to add the epilogue to Showdown at da Pokéring, along with it's latest counterpart, Radic and Red, when I finish it someday. Also along with Pokémon, I am enjoying my love fer Starcontrol 2 again! I hope ta add some cool links ta my link page ta sites dedicated ta that game. Added some more pics ta da Pic page, actual ones that I drew and scanned! Wowzers! Hopefully some other new stuff, but I can't think of it right now.

Next Update: Febuary 6th

Added a whole LOT of Pokémon pics here and there and everywhere! Updated my Pokémon pics page, and I'm writing up another story to go on my page. Meanwhile, I'm working on getting the Epilogue up.

Next Update: March 21st

Finally finished puttin up da Epilog ta my Pokémon Fanfic, a showdown at da Pokéring! It took me long enough. Anyway, began planning my collection of individual pages ta Pokémon I like. Hopefully I can find some time ta start them. Changed da pic on my front page. Hope everyone likes it! Anyone with pics of Dewgong, Marowak, Raichu,, Parasect, Raticate, Dugtrio, Golem, Hitmonchan, Machamp, Any of the Nido's, Mew or Mewtwo, Any of da Starters, Abra and it's evolutions, Dodrio, Eevee and it's evolutions, Ponyta or Rapidash, or Vulpix, Growlithe, Arcanine, and Ninetails PLEASE send em ta me!

Next Update: March 27th

Fixed some broken pics in da section above. Added two of da individual Pokémon pages ta my Pokémon section of my page. Ta Raticate with Love, and Wanted: Raichu!. Hopefully, I'll add da rest some day.

Next Update: April 3rd

Actually, I did this a while ago but only added this info taday. Made one of my latest pages, All Hail Parasect, dedicated ta my favorite Pokémon, Parasect. In Pokémon news, my team is all around their 75's, and I finally caught Tauros and Kangaskahn. It took me frickin long enough. Those buggers are so hard ta find! But that brings my Pokédex up ta 140 owned, 148 seen. Anyway, I'll prolly do some other stuff taday too. Keep watchin da skies!

A little later...

Actually, it's da 4th now, but who's really countin? This was a rather big update! I added three more pages...all were Pokémon related...but... who cares? Anyway, I added a page about glitchs in da game...A Dewgong page...and a page fer da Nidos...Nidoran, Nidorina, NidoQueen..Nidoran, Nidorino, NidoKing...Check em out! Happy easter, anyway. :D

Next Update: April 25

Hello again! I'm back and with more updates! At any rate, I did some MAJOR changes around what was previously known as Zar's Pokémon Stuff, and now it's called NPLU: Neglected Pokémon Lover's Unite! I've got some great ideas and some peeps are volunteerin their help! Yay! And I found a Parasect Wav! YAY! DOUBLE YAY! Thanks ta da peep who sent it! Updated da Hall of Fame, All Hail Parasect, Divin with Dewgong, and hopefully added some more Pokémon related pages! Wow, summer's almost here, and so's Pokémon Snap, and other related games. Expect things dealin with those soon too! I can't wait fer Pokémon Stadium!

Next Update: May 1st!

Hey there! I updated my silly things page, and I think da NPLU is takin onna life of it's own. Ooo, creepy. If ya wanta know what's goin on there, go take a look. Anyway, it's usually bein updated frequently...I also considered perhaps UPDATIN DA ODDBALLZ EGG HUNT! BUt I'm too lazzzzy... ::relaxs:: Ah...By da way, Pokémon Pinball is loads of fun, fer yer infomation.

Next Update: May 16th!

Hellodere! BIIIIIG update! I added a WHOLE LOAD of stuff ta da Random Things page, so now it requires two pages! I completed Zarla's History, so go check it out! I also fixed somethings on da Cubone/Marowak page, and added my really really long fanfic, Radic and Red! Go check em all out! Phew...I'm tired! Yeesh.

Next Update: May 29th!

Hello again! I spent a real long time, and whole load of my brain and eye cells makin it, but I finally did it... I created my own webring. That's right! It's Pokémon related (I can hear everyone moanin now) and ya can find a link ta it on da NPLU. I also updated da Hall of Fame and some miscellaneous pages on da NPLU, especially da Parasect page.

Next Update: October 31st (Happy Halloween!)

Sorry fer da long delay, but I've been very busy! I've mostly been workin on my Pokémon pages, but something that I did do is that I updated da Silly Page and da Random Things page. Go look! ^_^

Next Update: January 30th!

Hey again! Zar here. Yer probably all sayin "Yer page is so borin Zar, it never changes, blah blah blah..." Well, da reason fer that is that da NPLU has become it's own section, so that's where I usually update and crud. But that may get put off fer a while as I begin my latest project...My Sweet Passion! That sounds bad, doesn't it? Well, not ta worry. If anyone has played Sonic Adventure, that's Amy's song. In other words, MSP is my new page dedicated ta all da Anime/Video Game characters I like. I have FINALLY finished da shrine ta Ascot like I said I would do a bunch of years ago. Oh, can ya believe this thing has been here fer two years? Ridiculous, isn't it? Anyway, MSP should be really big someday. Go check it out. ^_^

Next Update: March 14th!

Da seperate sections, da MSP and da NPLU are off on their own, but there have been SOME updates! I added somethin ta da Silly Page!

Next Update: May 16th!

I nearly had a freakin heart-attack! I thought my page was deleted fer a while. ^_^o So what have I done? I added a new spiffy counter ta da main page! Isn't that neato keen?

Next Update: Awghost 9th!

I'm a lazy punk, so that's why this section never gets updated. ^_^o Well, I mainly just changed da beginnin of da main index. Nothin major. ^_^

Next Update: Saptimber 9th!

Here I am again. What have I done? I did some major tinkerin with da art pages. ^_^ Now they're easier ta look at and stuff. I would put more of my pics up, but they're huge and take a freakin long time ta upload with this slow modem of mine. ^_^o So...I'll make do with what I have. ^_^ I may come back and update da art page fairly recently. ::gasp:: How long has it been since THAT happened? ^_^

Next Update: Saptimber 10th!

Another updated ta da Art page. ^_^ This time it's fairly big. Ha!

Next Update: Saptimber 18th!

Whee, more stuff in da art section. ^_^ I'm just a drawin machine. Too bad some of them are so huge. ^_^o It takes me ferever ta upload em, particularly da char sketches. Ah well...

Next Update: Saptimber 22nd!

Yes, major update here...I added ONE picture ta da art page. Aren't ya proud of me?

Next Update: Octogre 8th!

Lots of new pics in da art section. ^_^o They're all from my super- talented friend. Go look. ^_^

Next Update: Noremember 6th!

Another new pic in da Art section. ^_^o

Next Update: Jubilee 1st, 2001! (happy new year!)

Another year come and gone. Amazin, isn't it? It still seems so new ta me...but everythin around here has changed somehow...well, happy anniversary ta me! It's been four years...simply incredible.

Anyway, ta commemorate this momentous occasion, I...

Drew some more. ^_^o What did ya expect?

I got some more char sketches up, this time of all da first chars I ever made up. Note how da quality improves as they go along in da alphabet...that's cause I was goin alphabetically, not chronologically.

I also added a few non-sketch related pics. Woo hoo fer me. Woo hoo fer my page that's too freakin old.

::is bitter cause she fergot about New Years due ta colorin da Christmas Pic and therefore missed da countdown and everythin else she promised ta do::

Next Update: Jubilee 14st!

More pics, as usual. Some more sketches are up and some new doodles.

Next Update: Jubilee 26th!

Two more pics. Wowie-wow-wow wow. It's too frickin cold in here.

Next Update: Marsh 10th!

I make up fer my absence by puttin up a bunch of sketches and drawins. Shut up.

Next Update: Apull 13th!

Friday da Thirteenth! Creepy stuff. More art up, basically. ^_^o What did ya expect?

Next Update: Octogre 19th!

Fixed all da broken links on da art page and basically reorganized everythin there. ^_^o

Next Update: Noremember 1st!

New strip up fer Halloween. ^_^ Happy Halloween everyone!

Next Update: Dismember 20st!

Updates ta da Unico page and fiddlin here and there. ^_^

Next Update: Jubilee 7th!

Wow, this site's five years old already. Unbelievable, isn't it? Altho I bet everyone just comes here fer da MSP, da NPLU, and so on and so forth. ^_^o Anyway, in case anyone is interested, I cleaned out da Cyperpets page and updated it kinda. ^_^ I wonder how old this page will be someday?

Next Update: Feblueberry 23th!

The Random Things page has been revamped and turned inta the RANDOM game! page. ^_^o It's a really big update, go look. Honest. ^_^o And I cleaned out my links page.

Next Update: Apull 10th!

Big art update. And I changed da front page pic. Aren't ya proud of me?

Next Update: Mayhem 2nd!

New comics up. Yay. And a new guestbook.

Next Update: Je-june 3rd!

Hey everybody, guess what. Tripod cut me down 20 megs, which means a lotta pictures around here aren't gonna work. Bear with me. In other news, da Den itself actually has a cjb address now fer quick access (www.zarlasden.cjb.net I believe) and I reorged this page itself. Weird, huh? I think I'll put da new updates near da top fer easy access, then work backwards. Maybe that'd be confusing. but who cares.

Next Update: Je-june 14rd!

Goin through and fixin stuff. Most of da broken pics and stuff should be fixed now, and da Links page got a COMPLETE overhaul.

Next Update: Saptimber 27rd!

MAJOR art update, along with a reformattin of that page in general. Be sure ta check out my keenspace comic, it has a regular m w f update schedule, if ya just can't get enough of my art fer some reason.

Next Update: Octogre 12th!

Another art update. Recent too! Perhaps am I gettin frequent with updates? Nah...

Next Update: Noremember 16th!

Another art update.

Next Update: Dismember 8th!

Art update.

Next Update: Jubilee 26th!

Happy New Year! Yeah. How old is my page now? Jesus. Six years? Dear lord. DEAR LORD.
Um, oh yeah. Art update.

New things have emerged times.