The Zawadi Writers are a diverse group of writers and artists based in Fort Worth, Texas. The Zawadi Writers have performed poetry readings, storytelling, dramatic interpretation and motivational speaking at festivals, schools, churches, and business establishments.


The purpose of the Zawadi Writers is to inform, educate, entertain and enhance the acceptance among the general population for the cultural diversity which exists within our society.


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Zawadi Members

Zawadi Calander

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The word Zawadi, a word which emerges out of the Ki-Swahili language of Africa, has deep cultural roots in African communal society. The word relates to the central importance of care-full parentage in African society. The spirit if Zawadi invigorates the ancient African proverb,

" It takes the whole community to rear one child."

The concept of Zawadi has become wedded to the African American community through the Annual harvest festival of Kwanzaa, A holiday originating in the United States. Zawadi is a central aspect of the Kwanzaa Festival. Traditionally, Zawadi is exemplified by adults presenting simple gifts to the children of their community. These gifts must enhance education. Thus, the gifts will often include items such as books, calculators, and other school supplies.

The Zawadi Writiers come bearing the gifts of poetry, storytelling, oral history and drama.

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