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More than 20 different languages

Aagee B.V. is synonymous to professional, precise and discreet translation. We offer the kind of translation service you have been looking for. We can translate from and into more than 20 different languages in various fields such as science, technology, legal documents, marketing, telecommunications, etc.
You can also avail of our multi-lingual translation service for travelguides, books, etc.

Accurate and Flawless

The translations are done by selected individuals who master the languages and are native speakers of the target language. Every translator is assigned to his own specialization. To ensure the consistency and correctness of the translations, they are checked a couple of times. For voluminous translations or larger projects which require groupwork, we will assign one individual to double-check the consistency and correctness of the translated texts.


The translated text will be delivered on the date agreed upon. We can send it by fax, modem, via the internet or mail it, depending on your choice. Of course we can also do the lay-out for you and deliver you a hardcopy. On request you can receive the work in html format.

The Rates

The rates we charge you depends on (1)the source and target language, (2)the level of difficulty and (3)the volume of the materials to be translated. We can always guarantee you that our rates will be 10% lower than the rates of our competitors.

Contact us. We are ready to serve you.

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