Other Links

Connells Web Site: Doug MacMillan and co.
Black 47 Official Site: They're rockin' the Bronx! Matt Dillon and Tim Hutton are fans, and so am I
6th Avenue- A Wallflowers Page: I love this page
www.bobdylan.com: All about Jakob's dad
Mark Heard Remembered: The greatest lyricist of all time
Orphans of God Mailing List: More Mark Heard
Bunker Hill- A Small Tribute to Michael Penn: But a good one!
The Definitive Billy Bragg Site: All you ever wanted to know about the man and his music
Larry Norman.com: If you don't like CCM, you've never heard Larry Norman
Vigilantes of Love : Or VOL
A Son Volt Web Page: They used to be in Uncle Tupelo
Pick Up the Change Wilco Page: So did they
Pierce Pettis Web Site: Good stuff for all you folkies
Daniel Amos Page: Do you think that this is the name of a singer?
Lindisfarne: They have a really cool song called "Fog on the Tyne"
A Tonio K. Webpage: This guy has a way with words
Bruce Cockburn Page: So does this guy. He's also good in concert
A Tribute to Rich Mullins: Thoughful CCM singer who will be missed!
Beatles Site: Nice homage to the Fab Four and if you're looking for more Beatles...
Remembering John Lennon:
Sir Paul McCartney:
The Vertical Man, Ringo Starr:
George Harrison:
Official Victoria Williams site: Dedicated to the pleasant, eccentric singer-songwriter
Waterboys Web Page: I love these guys, and this site
Maria McKee site: She can sing...
Carpenters Page: But not quite as well as the late Karen Carpenter!
Eric Clapton Website: He's the best, just like the page says
Van the Man!: A Van Morrison Page
Classical Composers Page: Bach, Beethoven etc. Bios