The Provinces of Southern Thailand'

This is region around the famous Isthmus of Kra . In the north, the mountainous Province of Kanchanaburi on the eastern slope of Bilauktaung Range that separates Thailand with Myanmar.

Down in the south, the hilly Province of Narathiwat that marks the beginning of the Main Range running through the whole Peninsular Malaysia.


Click at the names of each province.

Using that as an orientation, then check out the names of Waterfalls within in its regions.

The new pages opened, will have some information on the type of falls and directions to the falls.

provinces of Southern Thailand Narithiwat Province Yala province Patani Province Satun Province Songkla Province Trang Province Phathalung Province Krabi Province Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Phanga Province Surat Thani Provvince Ranong Province Chumpon Province Prachup Khiri Khan Province Prachapburi province Kanchanaburi Province


Most waterfalls are found within established national parks. Their surroundings are very clean.

Caution: Walking along the slippery edges of falls is highly dangerous