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With the computer and modem the classrooms and ivy-covered walls of our present-day colleges are becoming artifacts of education "as it used to be". What we call "non-traditional" today because it is delivered through various distance learning technologies (computer, videotape, correspondence etc.) will become the preferred delivery system for education in the 21st century. You are wise to be considering distance learning to achieve your college degree goals. It is cheaper, more convenient, and in many cases more meaningful than traditional classroom-based education. Often in non-traditional education you have more to say about what you learn and how you learn it. You will often be working one-on-one with your faculty mentors. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about non-traditional education (distance learning). After you have read this, if you would like to receive additional information about how Adult Education Resource, Your Distance Learning Connection, can help you locate accredited and state approved colleges and universities that offer complete degree programs in many fields through distance learning, simply click on the our auto-responder button below. You will be sent information about AER the immediately. Also visit our Website at:

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Is correspondence study effective?

According to Dr.Poteet (in a book published by the National Home Study Council in 1986 - title We Succeed Through Home Study, "Home study or correspondence study has been proven through research to be a highly effective way to teach and learn. It is not a revolutionary educational idea; millions of students have been learning through this method for hundreds of years." Dr. Poteet further states, "It (home study) fits the needs of a specific type of student, one who wants to choose when and where the learning will take place, rather than engaging in the ritual of spending 1 to 5 years sitting in class for 50 minutes twice a week for 30 weeks each year. The difference between home study and other educational delivery systems is basically a difference in methodology."

Does a college degree really make a difference to get the job I really want . . . the promotion . . . or the self confidence I need to feel good about myself

More than ever before a college degree is important to getting the job you really want and to promotion in the world of work. Older adult workers are finding themselves being "replaced" with less experienced, younger, college graduates. With many external degree programs you can turn your experience into a college degree that will make you more valuable to your employer.

I had some college before. Do I have to start all over again

Most non-traditional programs give adults college credit for experience and learning which they gain simply by living as an adult. Hobbies, volunteer work, military service, college and work related courses, and job experience can all be turned into real college credit. In non-traditional education it doesn't matter where or how you learned something, what is important is that you know it already - Non-traditional programs recognize your existing knowledge and expertise.

Are degrees from Non-traditional Programs worthwhile

Many adults worry that their degree earned through distance learning may not be worth it. There are some phony programs which you need to stay away from. These so called "diploma mills" will send you an instant degree simply by mailing them a check for $500. This isn't what we are talking about at all. Most of these operations are quickly shut down by government officials. All of the hundreds of colleges and universities that offer non-traditional programs to adults are accredited or state approved institutions. Most have regular college-age students who live on campus . . . but they also offer their programs to motivated adult learners . . . study is convenient to busy, working adults. The degree issued to non-traditional students is exactly the same as the degree handed out on graduation day to on-campus students. The future of education will be distance learning. Anyone seeking to earn their degree through non-traditional means should check out the acceptability to potential employers, professional associations etc. In most cases you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of acceptance.

Can I manage work, raising a family and taking care of a home with going to college?

Yes! Definitely! Thousands of non-traditional students are doing the same thing right now. Thousands of people are earning their college degree without ever stepping inside a classroom. These people not only earn a Bachelors degree but Masters and Doctorates as well. Home study allows you to set your own schedule. When you are really motivated and have a role in setting your own educational goals you will find it easy to accomplish your goals. Many non-traditional programs require no residency or a very short residency during the summer months. You will not have to disrupt your normal work or family life. To request information about how Adult Education Resource can help you, simply click the autoresponder button below. Or visit our website.


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To request information about how Adult Education Resource can help you, simply click the autoresponder button below. Or visit our website. Adult Education Resource

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