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Roleplaying resources:

180 Rituals for Mind's Eye Theatre:
Adapted to a 5-level system and balanced for gameplay.
Laws of the Dark:
A rework of Laws of the Night, making it more suitable for a chronicle-style game. You can also download the Word 6.0 version.
B.J. Zanzibar's Web of Darkness:
One of the most useful roleplaying pages out there, covering all published aspects of the White Wolf universe, and then some.
A GURPS character sheet:
I play GURPS, too, and this a character sheet I made in WORD 6.0 in a self-extracting archive.
The Ring of Darkness.
Go there for more World of Darkness-related sites, or just cycle on to the next or previous site in the ring.

Greetings, and welcome to this simple page. It is the result of a hobby of mine, Live-action roleplaying. Particularly, a line of live-action games published by White Wolf, called Mind's Eye Theatre. I've been playing the live-action game for about three years, and have played role-playing games for years before that. Mind's Eye Theatre is not the only live-action game, but it is certainly one of the most popular.
At the same time, I find the rules for Mind's Eye Theatre to be little more than hacked and kludged versions of their tabletop counterparts. The rules contain far too many absolutes and is seriously unbalanced in favor of combat and power-gaming. Under the rules, a Brujah with maximum Celerity and physical traits gains much more attention than a Toreador with maximum Presence and social traits. Want a better example? See how far you get using only Presence and Dominate, when your victim can automatically resist you with a point of willpower.
Because of these flaws, I've written a revision, intended to be used in a chronicle-style game; MET works fine for one-shot games.
The live-action version of Vampire: the Masquerade is the most recent version; I have earlier attempts at Changeling: the Dreaming and Werewolf: the Apocolypse. If you send me some feedback on what I've got posted, I'll email you the other things I'm working on (if you want them.) This is a public domain project, unless White-Wolf snatches it up and offers to pay me (yeah, right.)

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