The creators of station alpha:



Dan Stoneley

John Hunter


High Programmer

High Programmer

Clearance level:








Thanks to West End Games for creating 'Paranoia' the role-play game. Respect to Steve Criddle for helping me with stuff and for setting up the paranoia web ring. Also thanks to our mates at KGV for their support and for being willing victims of alpha complex. Thanks to John's Dad for pointing out a cool web page creator in Word 97. Thanks to Microsoft for making a cool web page creator in Word 97. Thanks to everyone at the Zoo coffee-house for introducing me (Dan) to role-playing. Thanks to Coffee for waking us up enough so that we could write this page. Thanks to the person who invented toasters because John would starve without one. Thanks to the Schwa Corporation for making cool glow in the dark T-shirts. If your still reading this you must be very bored so go and play are game instead. Playing our game makes you happy, failure to be happy is treason. Press this button immediately or report to the vaporisation chamber.

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