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Focusing on "pure" physiologically originated bodily sensations... and more.

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Asthma, Headaches, Biofeedback, Psychosomatics - and self help.

Biofeedback can cure asthma and other allergies ... or at least alleviate the suffering from them. It did so to few of my trainees.

The more usual use of "Psychosomatic" is about the fact that among the multi-factors involved in a physiological disturbance there are psychological ones.
It does not include allocation of importance or who are the primary ones.
It even does not claim that the psychological factors are the initiators of following eruptions.
However, it stress the fact that using psychological processes the psychological factors involved in disturbance can be influenced.

One of the main processes of asthma is the constriction of air ducts: the major ones and the more delicate. All of them have muscles at their walls. All of them let more air in when these muscles are relaxed. It is a pity we usually cannot will them to relax.

It is well known that biofeedback can help in processes one can get concurrent read-out even if we cannot feel them clearly or at all and can not change them by will power alone. Even brain waves can be influenced using E.E.G. instruments. Relaxing muscles is easily done when E.M.G. instrument get concurrent read-out of subtle electronic activity in the muscles resulted from their tension.

Some time it is hard to get a direct measurement of a disturbance with instruments and the measurement of associated process are taken. It is nearly impossible to measure directly the pain of a headache... It is also very hard to get a concurrent measure of the distress involved in an asthma attack.

"Luckily" one can feel the headache and the distress of asthma, without their being magnified by instruments. I discovered the "blessing" stemming from the paying of concentrated attention to fresh headaches 45 years ago. I nearly forgot the feel of them.

I trained people as a professional coach in this kind of "Biofeedback WITHOUT Instruments" to pay concentrated attention to a wide variety of bodily sensations related to a lot of psychological problems. We discovered that the training in this technique, when applied to the more somatic problems bring about even faster results...

When one learn to discern the subtle sensation related to asthma attack, and pay attention to them when attack is building and when it start to disappear after using the inhaler - one is on the way of mastering it. It just take few months of attention. And one usually start to feel initial results in few weeks.

Beware!! Sometimes, it is hard to get rid from the addiction to the various drugs one was prescribed to curb the asthma attacks. However, the same technique can enable one to "kick the habit".

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Specific (and general) suggestions, questions, and other positive (or negative) feedback are welcome. Just click on: gshalif@netvision.net.il