Hugh de Courcy vs. LaRouche: The British Israelites

by Scott Thompson

Printed in The Executive Intelligence Review, August 22, 1997.

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Kenneth Hugh de Courcy, the leading geopolitician of the Low Churches' British Israel World Federation, was chosen by the British Establishment to be an intermediary in the 1989 railroad of Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. and six other defendents in an Alexandria, Virginia Federal Courtroom. LaRouche described the ``deal'' offered by de Courcy in his allocution to the Court, after the railroad guilty verdict had come in:

``I wish to deal briefly with a matter which bears directly on the business before us. During the middle of the preceding trial [that resulted in a mistrial in Boston, Massachusetts because of Government turpitude], I received a communication from a senior, well-known member of, high level to the British intelligence establishment. This gentleman is known as Kenneth de Courcy, he is otherwise known as the Duc de Grantsmenil. He is a figure whose history in British intelligence prior to and during the last war is a matter of record in the Hoover Institution. He is well known to be powerfully connected and influential person in Britain by members of the U.S. intelligence establishment....

``He communicated to me that he had been in contact with people who claimed to be responsible in the Anglo-American liberal establishment for bringing of the prosecution and this trial. He also represented to me that he believed that persons with whom he had been discussing were interested in presenting to me political conditions to which if I would submit, they didn't specify the conditions, but if I would submit to them, they would use their influence to shape the outcoming of this proceeding trial and sentence. I responded to this by stating to them and to Mr. de Courcy that I was perfectly willing to discuss any political matter on its merits, but I was not going to engage in bargaining for influence on the outcome of the trial in the United States....

``Mr. de Courcy subsequently informed me through intermediaries that my refusal to accept the offer, at very high levels of the British establishment, had meant that I was consigned in effect to hell...''

From High Church to Low Church

This protege of British SIS chief Sir Stewart Menzies was born November 6, 1909. Kenneth Hugh de Courcy was the son of the claimant to the title of the 8th Duc de Grantmesnil, which is a dubious title of Anglo-Norman origin, nonetheless given credence as an ``honorary title'' by DeBrett's Peerage.

Throughout his life, Kenneth Hugh de Courcy has been a proponent of British-Israelism, which was promoted in its present form with the patronage of Queen Victoria, when she named her daughter, Princess Alice, patron of the movement known as British Israel World Federation. With its base in London, the BIWF has important branches in Canada and Australia and affiliates in the U.S. British-Israelism dates back to studies at Oxford, during the Venetian intellectual takeover of Britain, through such means as the Cabbalistic studies of Paolo Sarpi.

In essence, British-Israelism asserts that the British Sovereign is the head of the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic ``Lost Tribes'' of Israel and a direct descendent of the House of David, and that the coming ``Apocalypse'' will see the full reconstitution of the British empire, destroying especially Germany, and the Catholic Church.

The ``Escape'' of George Blake

The egotist Kenneth Hugh de Courcy made the mistake of placing some of his records on file at the Hoover Institute's archives, including a a document de Courcy claims he wrote in Wormwood Scrubs Prison, while serving a sentence there for financial fraud, concerning his role in the escape of convicted Soviet spy, and suspected British ``triple agent'' George Blake on October 22, 1966.

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