Working people in Egypt were often paid in food. They ate bread, onions and salted fish, washed down with sweet, grainy beer.

Flour was often gritty and the teeth of many mummies show signs of severe wear and tear.

Dough was kneaded with the feet or by hand, and pastry cooks produced all kinds of cakes and loaves.

A big banquet for a pharaoh was a fancy affair, with guests dressed in their finest clothes. A royal menu might include roast goose or stewed beef, kidneys, wild duck or tender gazelle. Lamb was not eaten for religious reasons, and in some regions certain types of fish were also forbidden. Vegetables, such as leeks were stewed with milk and cheese. Egyptian cooks were experts at stewing, roasting and banking.

Red and white wines were served at banquets.They were stored in pottery jars marked with their year and their vineyard, just like the labels on modern wine bottles.