Walter H. Andrews ~ Founder of Town
Man of High Caliber and Clear Vision for Future Building

As published in The Georgetown Times ~ 1923 ~ Development Edition
Andrews, SC, 1923 - - A prophet is not always without honor in his own country as has been fully demonstrated in the case of Mr. Walter H. Andrews, founder of the town of Andrews, now a thriving community with a population of two thousand persons, a prominent lumberman and distributor of telephone poles and railroad crossties on a large scale.

Coming to Georgetown fifteen or twenty years ago from Vermont, Mr. Andrews was for some time connected with the Atlantic Coast Lumber Corporation. In his travels and work, he recognized that what is now the town of Andrews, had wonderful opportunities for development and expansion and twelve years ago set about aiding in bringing about this very satisfactory state of affairs.

The result has been that the community has developed from a village of around one hundred persons to its present population.

He was largely instrumental I persuading the Seaboard AirLine Railway to open its shops in Andrews. This resulted in the practical rebuilding of the city and has become one of its largest sources of revenue, as well as adding to its prestige and development.

Mr. Andrews is a director in the Bank of Andrews and is an extensive property owner. He has been active in practically every plan for the up-building of the community and has many varied business interests, principal among which is the manufacture and distribution of telephone poles and crossties on an extensive scale.

For several terms Mr. Andrews has served as mayor of the city, and has just been re-elected to that position, in which he has urged public improvements, and has kept the town on a steady course of progress.

Mr. Andrews is a man of high caliber, and keen business ability with an almost uncanny gift of looking ahead with a vision that is undimmed by years of success. His pleasing personality, affability and urbanity makes him easy of approach, and his advice and judgment are always found worthy of emulation, while he takes great pride in pushing forward any movement which has for its object the expansion and development of his own town as well as for the advancement of Georgetown County and its people as a whole.

As a self-made man, Mr. Andrews’ capital when he came to Georgetown County consisted of little more than a determination to make good. His example, his public spirit and progressive ideas make him a valuable asset to this section and he is always found ready and willing to give of his time and means in support of any cause designated to build up the community and promote the moral and material welfare of its citizens.

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