I do not in any way claim the original characters or any of Naoko Takeuchi's characters though I do claim "Serena Tsukino Hope,Katielyn sane Darklight,Darien Hino Earth,David,And Sammy(Black Magic-san,Sailor Sunshine,Sailor Hopeful,Sailor Hope Moonshine,and Princess Serenity Hope)."They are my characters.

It was a beautiful in Crystal Tokyo,and Neo Queen Serenity was tending to her garden when a darkness came upon the land.
"Sailor Sunshine,please come to my aid.."said Serenity.....
"Miss Hope...Miss Hope,wake up please..Miss Hope?",said Sammy,my pet cat,"It is time for school Miss Hope."
"I'm up ok,now go away!"I said.
"But you are'nt opening your eyes yet so you logically are'nt up."said David,my other cat.
"Will you two stop pestering me,I want my sleep!"I yelled back.
"But you will miss the bus!"said Sammy.
"yeah I know,but I was having that dream again,the one with a person searching for me in Tokyo.I wish I could go there."I said.
"HOPE!GET UP!"said my Mom.
"I"M UP MOM!!!"
"Good,now get out of bed and go to school and ignore all those mean people so I don't get another notice that you threw scissors at someone."said Mom.
"Okay.I've got to go.Bye David and Sammy!"
*************************AT SCHOOL************************* "Hi Darien!Hi Katielyn!"
"Hi Hope"they both said.I bet you're wondering about the scissors.Well,let's just say I'm not the most popular person in school.Everyone calls me Hope,but my real name is Serena.Hope is my last name and my nickname,so I am Hope instead of Serena.
"You guys,I had that weird dream again!The one where someone is calling me Sailor Sunshine.I really don't know.Maybe I'm watching too much TV."I said.
"Or maybe you are Sailor Sunlight and that was a warning dream and Sailormoon is real."said Katielyn.
************************In Tokyo,Japan*********************
"Serena you know we must find those sailor scouts you dreamed about,Sailor Sunshine and Sailor Hopeful"said Raye."Do you have any idea where they are?"
"In America,I think,and now there is a guy there too.His name is Black Magic-san,and he's in this place called New Jersey."I said.
"Do you have any other clues as to their exact location?May we can teleport there."said Amy.
"Ummm,the Pinelands,I think."I said.
"Are you sure?"
"No.But I'll try to find out tonight."I said.
"Ok then,try tonight!Good luck!"said Raye.
*********************Back with Hope************************    "David and Sammy, please be normal cats tonight.No talking.or my friends will like freak out over two talking cats!"
"Sure Miss Hope."
"Thanks you guys"I said.                   
*******************Later that Night************************
   "Sailor Sunshine, help, please!" said Serenity.
"What do you want with me!?" 
"Serena and Serena, both of you come to my aid please!"
"Who is the other Serena? I am in Little Egg Harbor. Where is the other one?"
"Child of Hope, Sailor Sunshine, please help!"
"Hope, Hope wake up. Hope?" said a voice.
**************************In Tokyo*************************
   "Luna, I have pinpointed her" I said.

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