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1 year after Endless Waltz


"Miss Relena?Miss Relena?"Dorothy Catalonia was standing in front of Relena's desk wondering where the Vice-Foriegn Minister went.
"I'm sorry Dorothy.What was the last agenda?"
"Your birthday Miss Relena."
"Oh Dorothy,I'm not going to celebrate my birthday this year."Secretly she was hoping Heero would send her a gift...
"That's too bad Miss Relena,because the staff and I arranged a party at a Le Glamour Operahouse room."
"And we invited a few of your friends."
"Who?"But Dorothy was already gone.

"Hey Heero!"Duo Maxwell's voice boomed from down below.
"Heero,don't you get tired of working on your gundam?"
"What do you want?"
"I got an invite in the mail to go to the Vice-Foriegn Minister Darlian's birthday party.See,it says,To Duo and Friends!"
"You're coming with me!"

"Hi you guys!Heero,Duo,glad you could make it!Duo,don't you dare spike the punch!"
"Oh,go grow some eyebrows Dorothy!"Dorothy looked at Duo with a face of pure contempt while he stuck his tongue out at her,Noin sweatdropped,and Quatre tried to make peace.
"Hi Hilde!"
"Hi Sally.Have you seen the birthday girl?"
"I don't think anyone has."
"Maybe she's got birthday nerves."The two ladies giggled.Where is Relena? thought Heero. Heero stood in a corner,looking out a window,Wufei yelling at Sally for making fun of him,Hilde and Duo laughing at them both,Trowa talking with Quatre and Noin,and Dorothy boring Zechs with her endless chatter about old times,all in all,it was a pretty friendly atmoshpere.Then Dorothy spoke.
"Oh,sorry,I forgot to mention that Miss Relena never really expected this party,I told her this afternoon,so she'll be coming down later."
Everyone but Heero sweatdropped.Duo saw Heero in his little corner and came up to him.
"Hey Heero,waiting to see your girlfriend?"     
"She is not my girlfriend!"
Suddenly,the door opened and out came Relena Darlian,  elegantly dressed in a white dress.
"I'm sorry for being late."
"It's alright Relena.Happy Birthday!" everyone cheered.
"Thank you." And then Heero caught her eye.Heero.She looked at him,but then remembered where she was,looked away to everyone else.
"So,aren't you going to make your move?"
"What do you mean?"
"Hello!Get together!"
"I...I never said I was intrested in Relena."
"So how come you never killed her?"
Why did'nt I kill her?
This question always nagged at Heero.But he never thought he spared her out of love,just something else...
"You guys look like you're up to something."Noin snapped Heero out of his thoughts and Duo out of his conversation.
"Well whatever you're up to will have to wait,because we're going to sing to the birthday girl,and she's going to open her presents.Come on!"She took them over to where everyone else was waiting.
I don't know how Duo talked me into this,thought Heero.I never wanted to come...
"Happy birthday to you..."
Why did'nt I kill Relena?
"Happy birthday to you..."
Wht did I protect her?
"Happy birthday dear Relena..."
Is it...love?
"Happy birthday to you!"
What is love?
"Make a wish,Relena." Everyone looked at Heero when he spoke.
"Alright." Astonished that Heero actually spoke,Relena closed her eyes and made her wish.
I wish...
and then Duo said,"What are you wishing for?"
"She can't tell you or else her wish won't come true!" answered Quatre.
"Quatre's right." Relena smiled and blew out her candles and everyone cheered and clapped.And then Relena started to open presents.She picked up a box that had a sticky note on it that said,"Open me!"It was from Duo.
"I'll open this one later."
"Hey!Why later!?" said Duo.
"Oh all right,if it makes you feel better!" She unwrapped the package,and inside was a champagne bubble bath.Quatre gave her a pair of silver angel earrings,Trowa gave her a few free passes to the circus,Noin gave her a pretty hand mirror,she got a aloe vera plant from Wufei(?),a blue sleeveless dress from Hilde,from Sally a music CD,Zechs gave her a blender(?),and Dorothy gave her a pair of shoes.
While everyone was talking,Heero came over to Relena.She was sitting at a table with Dorothy.
"Yes Heero?"
"I'd,like to talk to you alone."
"Dorothy,do you mind?"
"Not at all Miss Relena.I'll speak to you later." She got up from the table and moved over to where Hilde,Sally and Noin were talking.
"I wanted to give you my gift in person." Heero pushed a package across the table over to Relena.
"Thank you Heero." She opened the packagea and inside lay a...
Suddenly the door burst open and a tall green eyed blond man entered,carrying a little box and a dozen blue roses.
"Sorry I'm late Bluey.Traffic."
"Gideon,I'm so glad you could make it!"
"Coulda' told me sooner."
"I myself found out about this party this afternoon."
"Surprise birthday party huh?"
"Yes." They looked into each other's eyes for quite some time,until they realized everyone was staring at them.
"Oh,I'm sorry.Everyone this is Gideon Winters.Gideon has been my best friend since high school."
"So,are you guys JUST friends?" Duo had to ask.
"Ummm,yes."There was a reluctance in Relena's voice that made everyone sceptical.Heero was looking at the tall handsome man with a look that yelled out"I'm suspicious".
"I brought you a present Bluey.Here."
"Sit down Gideon.I was just opening Heero's present."
"Hey Heero."
Gideon handed Heero his hand for a handshake,but Heero nearly scowled at him.
"Gee,tough crowd.Do you like your present Bluey?"By now Relena had already opened her present and was looking at a beautiful sapphire ring with two little diamonds on the side.
"GIDEON!Why,..."she was speechless.
"I knew you'd like it.Can I talk to you in private?"They both looked at Heero who was sitting at the table with an unreadable face.
"Would you exuse us Heero.I have'nt seen Gideon in a while and we've got some catching up to do."
"Yeah."He got up and walked over to his little corner thinking,We have'nt seen each other in a long time either.Wait,what am I thinking?i have to stop listening to Duo...he looked over to Duo's direction and saw him laughing out loud with Hilde and Quatre.Then he looked over to Relena and Gideon and wondered what they were talking about...and he thought,Wait a minute,that guy looks familiar,he used to be one of the old gundam pilots!

"I have something to tell you Relena."
"What is it?"
"Before you met me,I was a gundam pilot."
"And a group of colonies are becoming bored with peace,and there are rumors that they are starting to rebel..."
"And you have to go."
"Because we have to stop them."
"But why does this have to be resolved by fighting?Did'nt the colonies learn anything from the war?"
"I guess not."There was a long  silence between them,while the room was loud with activity and conversation.And then Relena spoke again.
"Don't go."
"I'm sorry."Relena got up from the table and silently walked away,leaving the sapphire ring on the table with a sorry Gideon.Heero saw this whole scene and decided to follow Relena to see what was wrong.He caught her in the outside hallway.He called to her.
"Relena!"She did'nt even turn to see him.Instead she went off running,leaving Heero wondering what Gideon said to her that made her so upset.He returned back to the party and found Duo belly dancing on top of a table and everyone cheered him on.Duo was drunk.And Gideon and the ring disapeared.There was nothing else Heero wanted to do here,so he left too.

"Relena,it's Gideon.I'm sorry.When you have time,e-mail me okay?....Bluey..I miss you..."
Relena sat on her bed crying for hours that morning,replaying the message Gideon left on her answering machine,his words replaying in her mind."....I miss you..." Then she got a new message.BEEP!
"Miss Relena,are you coming to work today?You have 12 meetings to attend today,and 3 speeches,and paperwork that needs your approval.By the way,are you okay?You left in a hurry last night and left your presents.I have them for you at the office.Bye!"I guess I have to go,she thought.

"Ohhhhh,my head.Heero!"Duo called.
"Why'd you leave me at the party,KNOWING I was drunk,KNOWING I could'nt drive myself home,and you took the car ANYWAY,and why do I bother?You don't care..."
"And anyway,you would'nt acted stubborn and you would'nt have gone with me at all."There was a silence after Heero said that....then Duo spoke again.
"So,uh,what about that Gideon guy?"
"What about him?"
"Aren't you jealous he's gonna take your girl?"
"She's not my girl!"With that he stormed out of the room.
Am I jealous?


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