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   Heero stormed downstairs ,grabbed a jacket and went out the door and into his car.He was going somewhere.
   "Hi.I'm here to visit Relena Darlian?"
"Do you have an appointment sir?" But when the secretary looked up,he was gone.
   The door creaked open.Gideon peeked inside to find Relena hard at work.She did'nt even seem to notice that the door had been opened and someone had entered the room.
"Relena?"She looked up,startled,to find Gideon with a questioning but worried look on his face.But that look changed to a mischievous one really fast.
"Hey Bluey,go call off the security so we can talk."Then he threw her a charming smile.
   Relena told everyone it was alright,that this was an old friend of hers and he meant no harm.When they were alone,Gideon started their conversation.
"Yes."She sat at her computer,and he in a chair in front of her desk.
"You forgot this at the party."He held out the diamond and sapphire ring.
"Oh,thank you."
"Are'nt you going to take it?"
"Just leave it on my desk."
"Won't it get lost under all that paperwork?"
"Just leave it on my desk."
"Why don't I just do this instead."He stood up,went around the desk over to Relena,knelt in front of her,and put the ring on her finger.He held her hand and looked into her eyes for a while.And then he spoke.
"Will you marry me?"Relena's eyes went wide with surprise,and she just looked at him.
"Gideon,but why,I...I never thought you...you had feelings for me...I mean...since we were always best friends..."
"I've had feelings for you ever since I met you"
   Relena stood there speechless.But Gideon continued the conversation.
"I want to marry you...after I come back from the war..."
"Why did'nt you tell me you were a gundam pilot?"
"Because no one was supposed to know or else they had to be killed.That was my order."
  Heero wanted to kill me because of that, he never did...why?
"I'm sorry.I was thinking.Oh,could I have my hand now?"
"Not until you say yes.So,will marry me?"
   And at that exact moment,Heero opened the door and hears Gideon say those last words.He looked at Gideon,kneeling in front of her,holding her hand,and Relena,looking now even more surprised to see Heero.
"Who's this Bluey?"Gideon said as he stood up and walked over to Heero.
"Oh"Relena also got up from her chair and hurried over to the two pilots,Heero giving him a "Deathglare" and Gideon giving Heero an intimidating look.
"So you're the new pilot,Winters."
"And you're the supposed "Perfect Soldier".
"Ummm,Gideon,this is Heero,I'm sure you remeber him from last night's party.Heero this is Gideon."
   Suddenly the security burst in the room,and Relena had to once again ward them off.When they were gone,Heero spoke.
"I came to talk to you,but it seems as if you already have company..."
"No,no it's okay.Stay.I wanted to ask you something..."
"I'll leave then Relena.I'll talk to you later."
"Gideon!"Gideon left with an angry look on his face.
"I'm sorry,Relena,it's my fault..."
"No it's alright Heero.Sit down."He sat down in the chair and Relena at her desk.
"What made you come here Heero?"
"I,about last night,I was thinking,thinking about...how I never killed you..."
"Yes."There was a long silence as they looked at each other.Finally,he spoke again.
"I...don't know why...but I...I think it's what everyone calls..love."
   Relena sat there shocked.Heero stood up and turned to go.
"You're leaving?"But he was out the door.    

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