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Hi everyone.This is my first try so bare with me please.I would love to hear from you about my fic.I accept critisim and would love to hear your opinions and any pointers from you pros who have been doing this longer.Since this is my first try I've decided to keep things simple by only writing in my story the first five scouts to appear,Sailor Moon,Mercury,Mars,Jupiter and Venus with the exception of Mini Moon.

I do not in any way claim Sailormoon or any other work of Naoko Takeuchi.

   Darkness surrounded her.The sweet dream she had been having ofher and Darien gone,replaced by a dark void of emptiness.
"I don't like this dream.Wake up!Wake up!"
"It's not that easy princess." A voice whispered out of the darkness.It seemed to come from every direction.
"Tell me princess,what would you do if you were all alone? All alone with no one to turn to for help? Not the Scouts? Not even your beloved prince!" The voice crackled with laughter,the evil spilling from it chilled her to the bone.
"Who are you?"Serena cried.
"What do you want?"
"Soon" the voice replied,"Soon you will be all alone.All alone in the darkness where no one can reach you and where you'll finally face me and your doom." The voice once again cackled with it's dark laughter.

Serena jerked up in bed with a start disturbing Rini and Luna who had been using her as a pillow.
"What's going on?" Rini mumbled before turning over and going back to sleep.
Luna sat up and rubbed her eyes with her paws.After giving a great big yawn she asked Serena if everything was alright.When Serena did'nt answer Luna turned worried eyes up at her.
Serena thought about telling Luna about her dream then decided against it.She knew that it would only worry Luna and it had only been just a dream.
"I'm fine Luna, go back to sleep."
Luna looked at her not entirely convinced.
"Are you sure you're okay Serena?"
Serena gave a slight smile and hoped Luna would'nt notice how her lips were tembling.
"I'm sure it must have been that third piece of pie."
Luna nodded her head apparently satisfied.I told you not to have that last piece,Luna thought to herself.
"Well,goodnight Serena."Luna said as she settled back down on the bed and with a little purr slipped back into her dreams.
Serena did'nt go back to sleep,her thoughts would'nt let her.The same words kept echoing in her mind.All Alone All Alone All...ALONE...  

Michele Moore

Author of this Fic

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