La Asociación Nacional de
Indígenas Salvadoreños

ANIS Urgently Needs Your Support!

To defend ANIS and it's leaders, we have recently created The Indian Legal Defense Fund.  We are
asking for your support in this important work.
Inmidiately we need to collect $2500 in order to
pay the expenses of the current ANIS legal case

and $4000 in order to bring Chief Adrian Esquino
Lisco and Ms. Elba Perez to The United States. 
Lives depend upon your continuing financial and
moral support.  We thank you!

Please send your generous
donations in support of the work of
Chief Adrián Esquino Lisco & ANIS to:

Peace International/Indian Legal Defense Fund
705 Northwood Terrace, Silver Spring Maryland  20902  USA

Phone: (301) 593-7381  Fax: (301) 593-7381

The Committee of Indigenous Solidarity in Washington, DC also supports the work of ANIS in El Salvador and works to end the anti-Indigenous genocide taking Place in Chiapas.
Contact CIS at:
Call Phil Wheaton
: (301) 270-9038, Fax: (301) 270-3406

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