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Please Visit the following Anita's page created by my friends :

Anita Mui Internet by Amy

A very good homepage created by Amy ! Many new and updated news and photos =D

Ah Mui by Mei Nguyen

A good and nice homepage about Anita World's tour concert and lots of information too =>

{ by tata

A very cute and funny page written by Tata ! it's also written in chinese and very good =P

Anita's Corner by Vanessa

A very nice and creative homepage ! There u can find many news about Anita's LA concert and updated news =D

Anita Web Jump by Vicky

A nice homepage ! There are many nice icons and many other stuffs about mui =)

The World of Anita Mui Yim Fong by Happy Face
A homepage containing many old news and information about mui....really Good !!

Anita Mui Homepage       By AppleSpider

־¤kA        By Eddie

'Anita Mui'   By Jenny

Anitamui        By Jude

Love Anita    By Hasmin


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