NOV 18/82 - MAY 23/98

This page is dedicated to my Granddaughter Laney who died a tragic death.
I held her in my arms just before she died as I had just a few moments after she was born.
It was so difficult letting her go to her Heavenly Father.
The hospital room was full of family and friends who loved her so very much.
We all talked to her in her final moments and sang some of her favourite songs and hymns.
When we sang "I AM A CHILD OF GOD" everyone broke down and cried,
even the Bishop and the nurses.
Taken off life support, Laney lay in the arms of her Mother
until there was no more life in her body.
When Laney took her last breath everyone reached out to touch her, as if to say,
"take me with you".
And Heavenly Father came and gathered her up into His Arms and carried her Home.
I will forever remember the JOYS she brought to us in her short life.

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Today I travelled
To the Elysian Fields
To Visit
My Child's Child.

Flowers of kinds were scattered
Throughout the Fields
The wind,
It was blowing wild.

And there midst the flowers
At her headstone
Sat a very young brown rabbit
With a white bushy tail.

And my Child's Child
With her floralled arms
Enfolded him
Protecting him against the gale.

2000 Anna M. Hefele

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Anna Hefele