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Indian Railways Website Review Published on ZDNet India. Indian Railways re-launched their site with a reservation module. The website is functionally sound, but it can improve its revenue and utilization significantly by attending to its business strategy and usability problems.

Doodling with Yahoo Published on ZDNet India
A commentary on the Doodle feature on Yahoo Instant Messenger and how it could well be a step to affordable electronic collaboration.

Creating Printer Friendly Pages Simple techniques to avoid coding for seperate printer friendly pages.




HindustanTimes.com (designed by me at MindTree Consulting) figures at fourth position in Forbes Best of Web: International Newspaper Sites category


Academic Work

Redesign of Fixtures and Furnitures for Suburban Railway (Metro) Coaches for Bombay (Mumbai)
Redesign work to cater to a commuter density of 9-13 persons/m2 inside the coaches

How Architects Visualise
Protocol Analysis of an architect to explore the potentials of mental imagery in the design process.