Operation P.A.T.H.

People Against the Titanic Hype

This page has been seen times by people that are sick of the Titanic hype.

The most overrated film of the year!

Welcome one and all to the glory that is P.A.T.H.

Titanic is a boring 3 hours long movie (+ 15 minutes) about nothing. The hype surrounding the 200+ million dollar budget has created a cheapness among movies. Once movies were all about QUALITY. But now, movies are based purely on budget size, which is sad. The public gets trapped in this Hollywood net and misses out on the truely good films. Think about past big budget films.
Jurassic Park: Wow! Great Plot! (yeah right)
Independence Day: ...enough said.
Batman and Robin: How the hell did THIS movie make over 100 mil.?



You know the end of the film. The ship sinks. Leo dies. No matter how many times you watch that movie and fork over $7, the ending WON'T change.

Go here to see Karter's personal views.

Even more hype

I'm sure by now all of you have heard the 'Titanic' song "My heart will go on". As if movies and TV weren't pushing Titanic enough, now there's the radio. You can't go five minutes without hearing that song on the radio. No song has EVER been airplayed this much! It's disgusting!

The 11 Awards Titanic Won,

And why it doesn't mean anything!

well, it means something...

Titanic took home 11 Oscars,.. but that's old news. Many Pro-Titanic people take this fact to show that Titanic *is* the best movie due to this. Although, we find it means something *totally* different. Titanic took home all the special effect awards. It *should* have. For $200 million it had better have some damn good effects!
Let's look at what Titanic *didn't* win...
It didn't win any awards, at all, for acting or screen play. Did anyone else notice this?
What this means
So, to sum up the Oscars, if you have a movie with huge effects, crappy acting and a horrible screen play, *don't worry*. You'll still win Best Picture.


I think this post on the message board said it best:

If any neutral person reads through this message board, (s)he'll find out that most of the pro-titanic people either act childishly or shout, scream and crap around trying to sound like they are bonded forever to Titanic, which is just a MOVIE. On the other hand, most of the anti-titanic people bring up well thought out arguments, witty criticisms and innuendo and most of all they are rational and don't go around verbally abusing anyone who disagrees with them.

In short, pro-titanic people are the ones who are just out to make noise because their beloved Titanic movie was brought a little more down to earth instead of hanging around the clouds laughing at you people prostrating your silly selves and moaning about it while its flaws were revealed by people who are willing to be open about it.. For all the points that you bring up about it being sooo realistic and effects being so fantastic, you're talking about a two hundred million dollar production.. and so what if it made a billion? It merely made five times what it cost, there are so many other low budget movies which did comparatively better.

Lastly, anti-titanic people have our own pretty much successful lives to lead, that is plainly obvious from our remarks which show intelligence instead of your ordinary, boring Titanic fan who has nothing better to do than to dedicate sites about Titanic when the hype isn't already enough and wasting time watching it for the, hundredth time?

And if any of you are so incensed over a page like this, go get a shrink to help you. One day you might meet someone in real life much more unreasonable than this site and you might just die from a heart attack.

Please leave intelligent messages on this message board, NOT messages of "You Suck, You're wrong, blah blah blah." Remember this is an ANTI titanic page, if you liked the movie, you shouldn't be here!

Leave your thoughts (and read others) at The P.A.T.H. message board

We've got it!
The funny remake that not only bashes the song, but the movie as well!

For quotes from others about the Titanic hype click here
Why it is sick to like Titanic: click here

Play sink the Titanic!

go here to Sink the Titanic!


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For those of you that "dislike" Leo here is...

The Offical Anti-Leo Page
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Excuse the wait for the piles and piles of hate mail! It's taking forever just reading all of them (although, can you Pro-Titanic please STOP THE DEATH THREATS!) but we promise to all of you that it will be up some time next week. If you scan up, we have added the .wav that bashes the movie and the song.


Well, we've gotten A LOT of Hate Mail from Titanic Lover's calling us a "wide" variety of names, and telling us how we just don't like Titanic because we're men. Well, Karter and I would like to clarify something once and for all..
Anti-Titanic people are not only men.


We'd like to thank M|nDmeSs (owner of The Offical Anti-Leo site) for letting us use his titanic.wav and thanks to Mikael "Degen" Derefeldt for making our offical banner graffic! You guys are saints!!!
***P.A.T.H. is a movement founded by Berry and Karter. We, as owners of this page, are not afraid to stand up to the hype and raise our voice. We would like to thank all of those who have visted our page (weither Titanic lovers/haters). We stand by our views 100%. If you would like to reach us, feel free to email us at berry_karter@hotmail.com

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Berry and Karter.

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